Seattle Dragons Edge Out Tampa Bay Vipers 17-9

Seattle Dragons Edge Out Tampa Bay Vipers 17-9

Last week the Tampa Bay Vipers scored the least amount of points out of the teams. This week, the Guardians, who kept them to 3 was shutout by the Defenders 27-0. Now they are headed to Seattle, who had to open up more seating based on demand looking to pull 27,000 fans. The franchise topped that announcing 28,000 rowdy Dragons fans had showed up to support their team in their first home game.

Both teams were going into this game without a win under their belt, in what turned out to be the first rain game of the season. Which seems like a natural fit for Seattle.

The Dragons opted to kickoff to start the game, giving Taylor Cornelius and the Tampa Bay Vipers first chance to strike in the match-up. Tampa Bay could not make anything happen, with a quick three-and-out putting the Dragons in control early in the game.

Seattle had a similar fate, not able to create any meaningful plays on their opening drive. Still early in the game, both teams were scoreless. The Vipers defense was playing strong, but neither teams offense able to move the ball.

With The Vipers back in control they had hoped to get their first touchdown of the season. Unfortunately for them, it didn’t seem to matter who was in at QB, Cornelius threw the interception with Jeremy Clark picking it out of the air.

Even before the game started fans had hoped that Trestmen would start Quentin Flowers. Those fans were in luck, the Vipers made the QB adjustment after Cornelius was unable to produce.

With Flowers now in control of the Vipers offense, the team was hoping move the ball a little more efficiently. Flowers showed a lot of promise, moving the ball in the air on the ground. When confronted on a 4th and 7, Trestmen decided to go for it, but Flowers was sacked giving the Dragons the ball on downs.

It was an eventful first quarter, yet neither team was able to get themselves on the board. The Dragons we’re hoping to change that with possession going into the second. Brandon Silvers was able to get his team with scoring position, only to go wide-left on the 46-yard field attempt.

The Vipers made a drive with less than 5 minutes left in the half that brought them into the red-zone. Still unable to get their first touchdown, the team was able to get their first lead of the season on a successful field goal attempt. They now held a slim lead over the Dragons at 3-0.

The rest of that of the half was pretty quiet, with neither team able to complete a successful drive. At 3-0, this is the lowest scoring game going into the half so far this season.

Seattle received the ball to start out the second half, with Austin Proehl avoiding the tackle bringing the ball near mid-field. The Dragons continued their luck on the ground, continuing to get first downs via their running game. It was when the Dragons tried to find success by air where things backfired, Silvers throw the pick six giving the Vipers their first touchdown of the season. They were unsuccessful on the 1-point conversion, but now had a sizable lead for the franchise.

Brandon Silvers and the Seattle Dragons not wanting to waste any time, came back with quite the response. Silvers threw the long ball to Keenan Reynolds to secure the six on a 68-yard touchdown. Coach Zorn opted for the 2-point conversion with no success. The Vipers still held a slim lead at 9-6.

Both teams struggled to make anything, but thanks to the Dragons defense they were able to get the pick-six on short yards putting them up 12-9, giving them the first lead of the game.

The Dragons went for the 2-point conversion, ultimately making it happen; extending the lead 14-9.

Tampa Bay, behind, came into the drive knowing they needed to score. Cornelius was able to get the team to the goal-line, but the Vipers were unable to convert. Trying their luck, they faked a field goal only to be sacked giving the Dragons control once again.

The ball was traded between the two teams for most of the remaining time. That was until the 2 minute warning. Seattle, trying to put the nail in the coffin moved the ball into the red-zone. The Vipers were hoping to hold them to a field goal to keep it a one score game. Seattle was more focused on running the clock down, opting to run it on each play, settling for the field goal; extending their lead 17-9.

Down 8, Tampa Bay had one last chance to tie, or even possibly win the game. Trestmen and company couldn’t getting it done, going 0-2 on the season and giving Seattle their first win. The did get close, scoring a touchdown, only to have it reversed due to foul. The game ended with the Vipers being picked off in the end-zone.

The Dragons are hoping to continue this winning streak next week when the Dallas Renegades come to Seattle. Tampa Bay, is looking to get their first win at their first home game, where they take on the Houston Roughnecks.

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