Roughnecks Sign Shamarious Gilmore, Toby Johnson To IR

Roughnecks Sign Shamarious Gilmore, Toby Johnson To IR

Just a couple of weeks after releasing Shamarious Gilmore, the Houston Roughnecks have brought him back. Gilmore was an offseason addition to the team, coming over from the Philadelphia Stars.

Gilmore played in just two games this year, dealing with injuries. He had 21 snaps this season prior to his release. With the Philadelphia Stars, Shamarious was solid, with one of the best PFF grades on the entire team.

With a roster spot now open, Gilmore returns to provide some depth for the offensive line down the stretch. Just yesterday, the Roughnecks re-signed RB Ezra Gray as well.

Toby Johnson To IR

Toby Johnson going to the injured reserve list now makes very little sense. He’s been missing in action since week three, due to an MCL injury he suffered in a game against Michigan.

Toby was told that he would be able to return this year. They decided not to place him on IR, because the original diagnosis said he would be back in a couple of weeks.

This has not been the case. Johnson has not sniffed the field since then, and after several weeks of not being able to practice, has finally been put in IR. It’s a strange situation, to say the least, and Toby has gotten the short end of the stick in the process.

During the time he was active, Toby Johnson was elite. He played 79 snaps, earning an 87.1 Defensive Grade via PFF. The veteran was proving once again why he’s one of the top playmakers in this scene. Hopefully, he can get healthy and return in 2025.

With two games left to play, the Houston Roughnecks postseason hopes are behind them, and they now shift focus to building this roster for the 2025 season.

What are your thoughts on Shamarious Gilmore returning to Houston? Did the Roughnecks botch the Toby Johnson saga? Let us know down in the comments below, or join the conversation on Discord!