Rod "He Hate Me" Smart has been found and is safe

Rod “He Hate Me” Smart has been found and is safe

Earlier we reported that Rod “He Hate Me” had gone missing for almost a week and there were concerns around his safety. We’re happy to now report that he has been found safe.

Before he was located the Sherrif’s department made a statement saying “It is unusual for him to be out of touch for this long”. Mr. Smart’s family stated that they were worried about his safety and well-being.

Lancaster County Sheriff’s deputies asked for the public’s help to find Torrold “Rod” Smart, 42, who was last seen last Wednesday. The sheriff’s office confirmed later Tuesday evening that Smart had been found and that he is safe.

No other information was given on Smart’s condition. We’re just glad that he is safe, and hopefully this was just a big misunderstanding.