Rice Stadium Named Official Home Of Houston Roughnecks

Rice Stadium Named Official Home Of Houston Roughnecks

Several months ago, rumors started to circulate that the Houston Roughnecks would play at Rice Stadium in 2024. After a long wait, that included the merging of the USFL and XFL, the newly formed UFL has finally made it official: Rice Stadium is the team’s home for 2024.

At this point, this development is not much of a surprise. We had heard of the potential venue change back in July, as TDECU stadium was undergoing renovations that would clash with the UFL season.

On top of that, TDECU was a carryover from the XFL’s 2020 season. It was one of the more expensive venues in spring football, so the league is seemingly now able to cut some costs with this move to Rice.

Rice has had spring football played on its field before. It was the home to The Spring League’s South Division in 2021, and ultimately held the Mega Bowl between the Jousters and Linemen.

The Houston Roughnecks will have a new home, and interestingly enough, it’ll be the first time that this team “played” in their home city. As we all know by now, the Houston Gamblers have morphed into the Roughnecks, who played in the USFL’s hubs the last two years.

Now, HC Curtis Johnson, Mark Thompson, and the rest of the Roughnecks team finally have their new home secured, in Rice Stadium.

Final Thoughts

This is great news for the UFL as a whole, for more than one reason. Not only are all eight venues now officially set – but it also means that the schedule should be on its way soon. There was a lengthy delay due to the holdup in Houston, so one would expect things to move along smoother now.

For a full breakdown of the eight UFL stadiums in 2024, check out our article from last month on the subject.

What are your thoughts on Rice Stadium being named the home of the Houston Roughnecks? Will you watch a game there this season? Let us know down in the comments below, or join the conversation on Discord!