Report: The XFL is not interested in Antonio Brown

Report: The XFL is not interested in Antonio Brown

Ever since the circus around Antonio Brown started with the Raiders there have been rumors that he would end up in the XFL. We saw him take a short trip to New England, then he was released once again after allegations of sexual assault came to light.

Earlier this morning Brown tweeted that he wouldn’t be back in the NFL, placing blame on the NFLPA to hold the league’s owners accountable.

Once again, the rumor mill started; will Antonio Brown join the XFL?

According to PFT, the league is not interested. Which makes sense for a couple reasons. One, although he has name recognition, this is not the press the league would want to rely on at the moment. The second reason is a bit more simple, money. Antonio Brown has been bouncing from one team to another this season, and will be looking for that big payout when and if he plays again. The XFL is still in it’s early stages, but even without the other problems I don’t see them paying the millions he would be expecting.