Reggie Northrup Responds to Viral Video of Him Smoking During Practice

Reggie Northrup Responds to Viral Video of Him Smoking During Practice

The Houston Gamblers are hoping to rebound this weekend when they take on the New Jersey Generals. Earlier today a video surfaced of the Gamblers practice, which seemed to show Reggie Northrup smoking a cigarette during drills.

Barstool Sports amplified the viewership, adding their special brand of commentary to the mix.

Naturally, this caused many to turn their heads and wonder how or why this would be allowed.

As we’ve seen so far, the USFL is watching and listening to fans; and it wasn’t much longer before an explanation came out.

First, Northrup took to his Twitter account to share that the cigarette in the video is not real. He added that he doesn’t smoke, the cigarette “represents the attitude that I hit the field with”.

Not too long after this came out, the Houston Gamblers social media account shared the viral video, with a response from Northrup included at the end.

He essentially reiterates what he stated in his initial response. One things for sure, the Gamblers beat to a different drum. Northrup has been performing for Houston, so who are we to comment on his practice routines?

Some have referred to the USFL as the “Ultra Super Fun League”, and this is one story that adds to the credibility of the moniker.

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