Reggie Barlow Set to Join XFL as Coach of New San Antonio Franchise

Reggie Barlow Reportedly Set to Join XFL as Coach of New San Antonio Franchise

It’s been a long road for the XFL from 2020 to their planned 2023 return. Rounding out 2021, co-owner Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson stated that news around new teams/cities along with broadcasting partners would be revealed early in 2022. He then joined the Manningcast in January where he mentioned that the news would be dropping in the next few weeks.

Needless to say, fans have been on edge waiting to hear more about the leagues return.

Earlier today the XFL put out a press release announcing another round of hires, so the wheels are definitely moving in the background.

Then it was reported by Sean Robertson of CBS 6 (WTVR) that Reggie Barlow has resigned from his position at VSU to accept a role with the XFL.

At the time, it did not say what position Barlow would be taking with the new league, but it seems we have some answers.

According to Robertson, Reggie Barlow is headed to the XFL to serve as head coach of their new San Antonio franchise.

Barlow had been with Virginia State since 2016 posting a 34-15 overall record and a 25-10 conference record. This includes a 2017 season in which he led the Trojans to a perfect 10-0 record their first time finishing with an unbeaten record in school history defeating Fayetteville State to win the CIAA championship and a berth in the Division II playoffs.

Prior to his coaching career, Barlow was a standout wide receiver playing college ball with Alabama State going on to spend seven seasons in the NFL.

Beyond the huge news of the XFL’s first head coach, we seemingly confirm that the league will be headed to San Antonio in 2023. Many have speculated that we may see Houston or Dallas relocate based on trademark disputes, but it’s hard to say if it’s either or none.

Considering that coaches are leaking, we expect that some big news is coming soon around the return and the locations.

What are your thoughts on the XFL heading to San Antonio? What do you think of the first coaching name to leak? Let us know down in the comments below or join the conversation on Discord.

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  1. I have no problem with San Antonio getting an XFL, but they better not move the Roughnecks out of Houston 🤬

  2. Houston to San Antonio; Tampa Bay to Orlando/Jacksonville; LA to San Diego/Sacramento; NY to Hartford, CT for XFL 2023 makes sense to me

  3. Fantastic, the Commanders we’re loved until they got shut down! Will be fun to go to the games!

  4. If San Antonio got a new XFL franchise what would they call it. I think their AAF team name Commanders sounds good, but the NFL’s Washington team has the name now.

  5. No to Jacksonville. We don’t need to give that trash heap another team! The others work for me.

  6. While Washington doesn’t own the name “San Antonio Commanders”, I do agree that San Antonio is not going to want to associate themselves with that name now, otherwise it’s another Denver Rockets situation where they had to change their name to the Nuggets because of the Houston Rockets back in the 1970’s.
    Most likely, it’s either going to be the San Antonio Renegades, or the San Antonio Roughnecks. Personally, if it were up to me, I’d go with San Antonio Oilers. Then once the stupid Adams family of the Tennessee Titans surrenders the Oilers name, Houston and San Antonio can swap names resulting in the return of the Houston Oilers and the San Antonio Texans (former CFL team).

  7. Disgruntled Dolphins fan? Well, seeing where The Rock is from, I wouldn’t be surprised if he decides he wants to fight the Miami Dolphins and Miami Marlins baseball.

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