Recent Court Filing Reveals Key XFL Sale Dates

Recent Court Filing Reveal Key XFL Sale Dates

If you thought XFL news would die down after the company filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, then you’d apparently be wrong. It’s been a wild ride from thinking the company was done, to hearing reports that Vince McMahon was trying to buy it, to him denying it and now it seems that there are at least 20 bidders interested.

Not only are they interested, it seems there is a plan in place for the league to pick up where it started for a 2021 season. The plan doesn’t come without a hitch, considering the sports landscape the idea would be for the league to play a 12-week tournament hosted in a central location without fans.

Thanks to recent court filings in the XFL Bankruptcy Case, we’re learning some key dates regarding the sale of the league.

Bid Deadline: July 30th 2020, 5pm EST

Auction: August 3rd 2020, 10am EST

Sale Hearing: August 7th 2020, 10am EST

What does this mean? If you want to be apart of the bidding process you’ll need to submit your application by July 30th. Trust me… if I could afford it I’d do it….

The Auction will take place August 3rd and the Sale Hearing on August 7th and 10am EST.

In recent reports XFL President Jeffrey Pollack was hoping to have a sale completed by August 1st so the league could immediately re-open and hit the ground running for a 2021 return. Although it seems the timeline has been pushed out slightly, and McMahon is out of the race it will all come down to the interested parties to bring the XFL back to life for the third time.

We’ll keep you posted as we lean more on the sale of the XFL. Let us know if you think the XFL will return down in the comments below or join the conversation on Discord.

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  1. Look I’m one of the biggest fan for the Xfl. I live for Xfl news. Also I’m a dallas resident. Please don’t take dallas away from me. I’m 62 and Xfl has given me meaning for my life. Keep dallas! Please…..

  2. Why don’t they just sale XFL to Disney? They need to keep XFL running forever. Let’s hope it’ll come back next year. Besides, they’ve could’ve continued playing in some empty stadiums.

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