The Ratings are in for The Spring League's FOX Debut

Ratings for Week 3 of The Spring League on Fox

The Spring League is halfway through its season, and we’ve been tracking viewership since it kicked off. This is the first year that all TSL games will be televised, thanks to a FOX partnership all games will be aired on either FOX, FS1 and FS2.

Last week we saw The Spring League gained viewership in its FOX broadcast between the Alphas and Conquerors, earning 448,000 viewers. With little advertisement, it’s promising to see an 18% improvement going into the second week. The big question since then has been, can they keep growing?

If you ask me, staying steady is a better measure. And, that seems to be the course that the viewership is going. This weeks broadcast of the Generals and Blues pulled in 408,000 viewers, which is still more than they pulled in their FOX debut.

The Spring League debuted on FOX with the returning champion Generals battling the Jousters, which drew 380,000; which at the time was the most in league history.

The later game on FS1 featuring the Sea Lions and Jousters drew 136,000 viewers. If you ask me, this is great news for The Spring League. Although the numbers didn’t continue the upward trend, they didn’t take a huge drop.

Did you tune into week 3 of The Spring League? What was your favorite matchup? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments below or join the conversation on Discord.