Quinton Flowers Impresses In His FCF Debut, Leads Beasts To Victory

Quinton Flowers Impresses In His FCF Debut, Leads Beasts To Victory

Well, the football season isn’t over. Fan Controlled Football kicked off their first season this weekend, and it was quite interesting, to say the least. While the league has plenty of gimmicks compared to a normal football league, the product was relatively enjoyable, and is certainly a unique edition of arena style football.

Something that sets apart the league from others is that fans vote on their teams’ rosters each week. This week, fans of the Beasts voted for Quinton Flowers to be their starting QB, and he balled out. On his very first snap, he evaded pressure and dropped an absolute dime for a touchdown.

Throughout the game, Flowers looked very impressive. Despite it being a different type of football than he may be accustomed to playing, he seamlessly found his groove throwing, and running with the rock. He scrambled for two touchdowns, including this snazzy tip-toe down the sidelines:

He seemed to have a solid rhythm with the wide receivers and running backs, despite not having much practice time together.

The Beasts went on to win the game 48-44, beating out Johnny Manziel’s Zappers. The Beasts are now 1-0, and will faceoff against the Wild Aces next week.

At the end of the day, it was pure fun seeing Flowers back out on a football field, just doing his thing. His ability to escape pressure and sling the ball is something we saw in the XFL plenty of times:

Hopefully, when the XFL returns, we will see Quinton back out there. But for now, we definitely will enjoy watching him in the FCF. If you’re watching FCF football, make sure to go vote for Flowers to be on your team next week! He isn’t franchise tagged, meaning he can be drafted by any team next week.

Did you enjoy watching Quinton Flowers in the FCF? Do you think he belongs in the XFL/NFL? Let us know down in the comments below, or join the conversation on discord!