Preseason Recap: Tampa Bay Vipers vs New York Guardians

Preseason Recap: Tampa Bay Vipers vs New York Guardians

This is the last preseason game of the year for the XFL, showcasing the Vipers and Guardians. The game kicked off at 3:30, and the league is expected to make their final cuts tomorrow to trim their teams down from 70 to 52 active players.

The game started off a little slow, but it wasn’t long until the Guardians get into the swing of things. There were able to secure the 6 point lead and put the ball in the Vipers court to respond.

Tampa Bay, not wanting to fall behind came right back to score a touchdown of their own.

The Guardians came back strong though, responding with another touchdown. Teo Redding secured the pass and ran it in securing six extra points for his team. After extra point attempt they were now up 14-6. Still, not out of reach for the Vipers by any means.

The Vipers came back with a field goal to bring the game to 14-9.

The Guardians came right back and brought the heat adding six more before the half bringing the score to 20-6. New York held a commanding lead going into the half, The Vipers were struggling to find their identity, but we expect to see some adjustments during the half.

The Vipers had the ball to start the half, and they used that to their advantage. They took it to the house to add six to the board. They were unsuccessful on the extra point attempt, but they put definitely put them back in the game only down by 8 at 20-12.

New York didn’t wait too long to respond. Not wanting to lose the lead, the Guardians used their muscle to take it into the end zone. Adding to their lead, they converted the 1-point attempt to bring to the total score to 27-12.

The game was getting out of reach for the Vipers, but they would not take this sitting down. They moved the ball down the field enough to secure another 3 points via a 44 yard field goal from Andrew Frank.

As the sun went down the Guardians held a hefty lead over their counterparts, hoping to carry it out for the win.

New York’s defensive held its own, stopping the Vipers from advancing the ball. With the Guardians holding possession again, things were looking good for the franchise.

As expected, the Guardians pulled it out. Again, this is just the preseason so the coaches likely weren’t using the main schematics during the game. Rather, this was the leagues last chance to assess their players before the final cuts, which are expected to occur tomorrow.