Preseason Recap: St. Louis BattleHawks vs Dallas Renegades

Preseason Recap: St. Louis BattleHawks vs Dallas Renegades

Earlier today the DC Defenders defeated the Seattle Dragons 21-16 in the first of four preseason games this season. The second game of the day was between the BattleHawks of St. Louis and the Dallas Renegades.

Shortly before the first game we learned that both the Defenders and Dragons had alternative logos, leaving the St. Louis as the odd man out. We had thought that maybe we would see an alt logo for them when their game started, but looking at the image that the league posted to Twitter shows the Renegades alt with the BattleHawks main logo near the score.

The game officially kicked off at 3:30 CST at TDECU. To start out the game Dallas received the ball, bringing it to the 25 yard line.

Scoreless after the first quarter ESPN was able to test out a feature they plan on using during their broadcasts — the X Spot. Presumably, this would be used to feature a player that played exceptionally during the quarter, half or game.

The game continued to be a tough fight between the two teams. The Renegades posted a short clip of Reshard Cliett stopping the run with his massive presence on the field.

The Renegades used the momentum from that stop with their offence. Ferguson burned the St. Louis secondary, looking extra impressive with the catch, putting the Renegades up with the first score of the game.

Dallas on the other hand, came back for more. Marquis Young running it in to put the Renegades by two touchdowns.

After regaining possession, the BattleHawks were successfully able to march the ball down the field. Setting themselves up in the red zone to attempt to pull themselves back into the game.

The BattleHawks, knowing they needed to respond tried and came close. Unfortunately, this is football not horseshoes or hand grenades. The Renegades defense was just too much for the Hawks to get the ball in the end zone.

As the half was coming to a close the BattleHawks with responded with a score of their own. Jordan Ta’amu made it look easy, tossing it to Cole Hunt to grab the first touchdown for the team. Hunt, not holding back, celebrated by dunking the ball in the uprights.

The score at the half was 12-6 with Dallas in the lead. One take away going into the second half was the lack of points with the PAT. To be honest, these games aren’t about winning. This is a dry run for the league and the broadcast partners.

The Renegades started off the second half with a response of their own. The team was able to grab three extra points via a field goal, pushing their lead to 15-6. Using that momentum, the Renegades were able to intercept Heinicke, putting them in a prime chance to score again.

Dallas, showing no remorse came back and did what they’ve been doing all afternoon. Score. Simmie Cobbs, showing off with the one-handed catch to put the Renegades up 21-6.

Going into the fourth quarter the Renegades held on to that 21-6 lead. That was, until the BattleHawks came back to get a touchdown of their own to bring the game to 21-12. With only one quarter left, it was a tall task to get back into the game, but there was no giving up with Coach Hayes and the gang.

At this point, the BattleHawks started getting into the swing of things. With the Rengades back on the field, Matthew Thomas got the pick 6 to bring them closer to taking the lead. The Hawks were now within reaching distance, only down by 3 at 21-18 with less than 10 minutes left in the game.

The game ended with the Renegades up 21-18, but the XFL wanted to use their time wisely. In both of today’s matches they tested out the overtime rules. In the new XFL, overtime is handled shootout style, with each team having a chance to score in a best of five contest.

The Renegades were able to pull this one out with a final score of 25-22. The next and last two preseason games take place tomorrow between the Wildcats/Roughnecks and Vipers/Guardians. Stay tuned to XFL Newsroom for all the latest during tomorrow’s match-ups.

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