Potential Tampa Bay Vipers Jersey Leak

Potential Tampa Bay Vipers Jersey Leak

Ever since the XFL Team Identities have been released fans have been asking about the jerseys. Well, we may have a potential look at one of them. Thanks to one of our Discord users, HexBattleHawks, for getting a screenshot of this before it was deleted. Tampa Bay Vipers JerseyTampa Bay Vipers JerseyWe don’t know if this is a concept or a leak, but it does look pretty convincing. The only thing missing is some sort of supplier branding. No Adidas, Under Armor, etc to be seen. What do you think? Do you think these are legit, or just another concept floating around? Let us know down in the comments below or join the conversation on Discord.

UPDATE: r/XFL mod sirfiddlesticks posted a thread with some more information on the user that created the Tweet. Here’s what he found out on the subject:

Many speculated the legitimacy of the photo, but here is why I believe it’s real. The Twitter user, Dan Billinson, has the hashtags “#Teamadidas and #uniforms” in his Twitter bio. Adidas could definitely be a potential gear provider for the XFL, so this leads me to believe this really is a jersey for the Vipers. Daniel Billinson’s LinkedIn profile shares many similarities including location and profile picture likeness. Not only that, but the occupation is listed as “Custom Outfitters LLC (Adidas Custom)”. This is why I believe that not only is the picture of that jersey legitimate, but that Adidas is the gear provider for the XFL kicking off in February of 2020.

The users Twitter and LinkedIn accounts have now been deleted. To me, that may add a little bit of legitimacy to this whole thing. Could this be a prototype jersey? Will Adidas be the official supplier for the league? We have a lot to soak in here, and we’ll keep you posted as we learn more.