Commemorating The Two Year Anniversary Of The XFL 2020 Kickoff

Potential News on the Future of the DC Defenders

Earlier this week the XFL revealed their long anticipated, but mainly expected, broadcast partnership with ESPN and the Walt Disney Company. The package will see the leagues games aired exclusively on ABC, ESPN and FX for the next 5-years.

Since then, we’ve also started to see the XFL’s plans take shape. First co-owner Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson eluded to the league having their franchises play in their respective markets next year. This effectively shut down the rumors that the XFL may use a hub model for its return.

We’ve ever heard or some of the locations that we’ll see in 2023, but not all.

At the moment it looks like the XFL will be in Dallas, Houston, Orlando, San Antonio, Seattle and St Louis.

But what about DC? Well, it seems we may have some news on that front.

Former Defenders Content Director took to Twitter stating that “if Washington D.C. does get an XFL 3.0 team, they will not be named “The Defenders”

This doesn’t mean that the XFL will not be in DC, but if they are then they’re getting a new name.

The naming has become quite the topic of discussion online. With a few of the cities confirmed to be returning, many had wondered if the new XFL ownership group would carry over any of the existing team names, or start from scratch. I think it’s a stretch to think that all of the teams will receive a makeover, but we’re definitely going to see a few.

If the Roughnecks moniker does make a return to Houston, their a prime case where they’ll need a new look. This could also be the case in DC.

The league has definitely started their ramp up towards their 2023 season, so it’s likely we’ll get more news on this front in the near future.

Where should the XFL relocate in 2023? Where should they keep teams? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments below or join the conversation on Discord.

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  1. The Washington Redskins! Of course, bitter Dan Snyder would never hand over that name to anyone else.
    So how about the Washington Braves (the Washington Commanders were originally called the Boston Braves)?

    “At the moment it looks like the XFL will be in Dallas, Houston, Orlando, San Antonio, Seattle and St Louis.”

    Dallas – Austin or Oklahoma City would be better than getting slaughtered by the other Dallas/Arlington teams at the box office again.

    Houston – Well, the Gamblers are not doing well, but that doesn’t mean the Roughnecks are going to recreate the magic of 2020! Like the Dallas Renegades, it should have been Austin or Oklahoma City.

    Orlando – Capitalizing on the USFL’s stupidity of placing a team in TAMPA BAY, forgetting about the failure of the Vipers. Good work.

    San Antonio – Well, you can kiss the Commanders name goodbye. How about the OILERS?

    Seattle – If the idea is to save money early on, putting a team in Seattle is a mistake! I don’t care how bad the Seahawks are now, because Seattle is going to be a gas guzzler!

    St. Louis – The logical choice.

    For the love of god, I hope those rumors about Las Vegas turns out to be false. No way are Raider fans going to support the Outlaws this time! Do the smart thing and put a team in San Diego before the USFL has a chance to relocate Tampa Bay or Pittsburgh there!

    Now for some team names: Washington Braves, Orlando Apollos, St. Louis BattleHawks, Dallas Failures, Houston Mistakes, San Antonio Oilers, Seattle Gas Dragons, San Diego Fleet.

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