Pittsburgh Steelers Sign DC Defenders CB DeAndre Thompson

Pittsburgh Steelers Sign DC Defenders WR DeAndre Thompkins

In the last few weeks we’ve seen a huge wave of former XFL players get tryouts and signed by multiple NFL franchises. We expect to see many more XFL names as the NFL season approaches, and today is no different.

Just now we’re learning that the Pittsburgh Steelers have signed former DC Defenders wide receiver DeAndre Thompkins.

Thompkins becomes the nine former XFL player to be signed by the Pittsburgh Steelers. Just yesterday Los Angeles Wildcats wide receiver had been re-signed by the team after being cut just a week earlier.

DeAndre Thompkins was selected in the 4th round of the inaugural XFL Draft by the DC Defenders. Thompkins made his XFL debut in Week 2 against the New York Guardians, recording 6 catches for 67 yards and a touchdown.

Thompkins had a tryout with the New York Jets on August 19, 2020, but nothing ever developed from the meeting.

This is another example among many of why the XFL worked. We’re seeing numerous former XFL standouts get their opportunity to take the next step in their careers. As we mentioned earlier, we expect to see many more XFL names in the news as the NFL season gets closer.

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