Brodarious Hamm Signs With Pittsburgh Maulers

Pittsburgh Maulers Sign OL Brodarious Hamm In Free Agency

And then there was movement! The Pittsburgh Maulers have signed RT Brodarious Hamm, who spent the last two USFL seasons with the Michigan Panthers.

Hamm was not one of the players selected in the 2022 USFL draft, he actually signed ahead of week 7 when the Panthers were 1-5. He spent his first game of his 2022 season on the inactive roster, before being promoted to the active roster for the rest of the season.

Once the 2023 season rolled around, Hamm had established himself as the mainstay starter for the Panthers, and started almost the entire season for the Panthers. Brodarious played in nine of ten games, starting eight of them.

Hamm did have a knee injury that had him on the injury reports for quite a few weeks, but he was able to battle through all but one week.

Standing at 6’6” and 334 pounds, Hamm is a menace as a pass and run blocker, and with the Panthers seemingly rebuilding their offensive line, the Maulers were able to capitalize very early in free agency on a position of need.

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