Pittsburgh Maulers Set to Reveal Uniforms Tomorrow

Pittsburgh Maulers Set to Reveal Uniforms Tomorrow

The USFL officially kickedoff training camp this week. Along with it, we’ve seen a huge uptick in social posts from all eight teams. It’s no surprise considering that the league has expanded their social team with the expanded hubs.

With training camp in motion, fans were treated to a couple helmet reveals earlier this week as things kicked off. The Memphis Showboats and re-colored Pittsburgh Maulers showed off their new lids early Monday morning.

Now, with the helmets out of the way fans have been wonder whe the uniforms would drop. Good news, we don’t have to wait long at all. Just now, the social account for the Pittsburgh Maulers revealed that team uniforms will be dropping tomorrow.

Although there was no mention of the Showboats, we expect that they won’t be to far after.

We’ve seen the USFL spread out thse types of announcements in the past, and in each case it resulted in a days full of social activity.

At the time of publication it doesn’t mention when the reveal is set to take place, so stay tuned to the USFL social accounts and USFL Newsroom for all the latest is as it comes in.

We’ll keep you updated as we learn more on the timeline for each team release.

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