BREAKING: Pittsburgh Maulers Reveal Official USFL Rebrand

BREAKING: Pittsburgh Maulers Reveal Official USFL Rebrand

The Pittsburgh Maulers are heading into season two with a complete overhaul. The USFL franchise officially announced their newly colored logo today.

This change makes perfect sense, given the circumstances. While the original Pittsburgh Maulers featured purple and orange uniforms, all current professional teams in the city bleed black and gold.

The USFL is making the right move here. From a marketing perspective, the Pittsburgh Maulers should align their brand with those already present in the city. This new color-wave fits the Pittsburgh vibe, and will provide the Maulers with a fresh look heading into 2023.

Speaking of 2023, this team is ready to put the USFL on notice. It’s been a wild month for the team. Former Head Coach Kirby Wilson departed a couple of weeks ago. Then, Ray Horton was swiftly brought in as his replacement.

Interestingly enough, his son Jarren currently serves as the team’s defensive coordinator. Yesterday, he even teased fans, hinting at a rebrand to black and gold.

Clearly, the Pittsburgh Maulers are setting themselves up for success. The team continues to sign new prospects for the 2023 season, including former NFL quarterback James Morgan. As training camp approaches, expect more signing announcements to trickle through.

After a 1-9 record in their USFL debut, the Maulers are set to tackle season two with a new attitude. The good news: they’ll be rocking sweet new drip while proving the doubters wrong. Folks, it’s officially Hammer Time.

What are your thoughts on the new Pittsburgh Maulers rebrand? Did the USFL make the right move here? Let us know down in the comments below, or join the conversation on Discord!

  1. I’m glad I don’t live in Pittsburgh, all teams Black & Gold, YAWN, boring, now no1 is purple, stupid move USFL!! Lost this viewer, going to the XFL !!

  2. I hope that James Morgan starts and shows his ability to be a quality QB. He didn’t get the opportunity to play that I believe he should have as a member of the NY Jets. He had a good game in the ’21 pre-season against the Eagles. Give him a chance. I believe he will be an exciting player!

  3. Mistake!!! The reason I liked the league was the nostalgia part with the retro uniforms. Ruined that now. Might as well have changed the name as well. Now just the same as the XFL.

  4. Mistake!! Takes away the reason I liked the league. Nostalgia with the retro uniforms. Might as well have changed the name as well.

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