Pittsburgh Maulers Reveal New USFL Uniforms For Season Two

Pittsburgh Maulers Reveal New USFL Uniforms For Season Two

After a long wait, the Pittsburgh Maulers have finally released their new uniforms. USFL season two is nearly upon us, which means that the Maulers will be sporting some fresh new threads when they take the field on April 16th.

Not surprisingly, the Pittsburgh Maulers stay true to their original jersey design, as this is simply a re-color. Black, gold, and white take over what was originally purple and orange.

Heading into 2023, the Maulers will look quite a bit different than they did in season one, both figuratively and literally. The team has seen several major changes over the past few months. Former HC Kirby Wilson left the organization, which paved the way for Ray Horton to take over head coaching duties.

Then, the team decided to rebrand to Pittsburgh’s black and gold, which simply makes sense. The city loves their colors, so if the USFL wants to make its own mark in Pittsburgh, the change was necessary.

These uniforms are solid, but definitely left a bit to be desired. It would have been a welcomed sight to see colored pants to add variety, rather than gray for both the home and away designs. But, overall, the USFL did an excellent job rebranding the franchise ahead of their 2023 return.

After a 1-9 record in 2022, Pittsburgh will look to regroup and rebound under Horton’s leadership.

The Pittsburgh Maulers will kick off their season on April 16th, as they head to Birmingham to face off against the New Orleans Breakers.

What are your thoughts on these new Maulers uniforms? Will they perform well in the USFL this year? Let us know down in the comments below, or join the conversation on Discord!