Pittsburgh Maulers Re-Sign OLB Malcolm Howard For 2024

Pittsburgh Maulers Re-Sign OLB Malcolm Howard For 2024

The Malcolm Howard story is one that some fans may not know much about, but it is remarkable nonetheless. The linebacker has re-signed with the Pittsburgh Maulers, which is just the first step for him in returning to the gridiron in 2024.

Malcolm Howard had his 2023 season in the USFL cut short, due to a traumatic injury. He tore his achilles midway through the year, during practice, which put him on injured reserve for the rest of the year.

Despite this, Howard remained with the team. He was a voice of support for his teammates on the sidelines, sticking with the group through the injury.

When it comes to his performances in the USFL, Malcolm Howard has been improving with each and every year. During the inaugural season, he didn’t see much playing time, posting eight total tackles on the year. He even scored a wild touchdown on a fake field goal in week nine.

In 2023, Malcolm was a key piece to the Pittsburgh Maulers elite defense. He started in all six games played, posting 20 tackles and 0.5 sacks. Howard was a reliable defender for assistant coach of the year Jarren Horton all year long, so it’s no surprise to see him back on the team.

Malcolm Howard played his collegiate ball at Central Oklahoma, where he compiled 212 tackles and 1.5 sacks over a few seasons.

Final Thoughts

Now, he’s set to continue his professional playing career with the Pittsburgh Maulers in 2024. The road to recovery is still in full effect, but this is an excellent step in the right direction for Howard.

GM Dennis Polian and the Maulers have been busy in USFL free agency, signing several free agents including:

RB Trey Williams
RB Rodney Smith
WR Diondre Overton
OL Brodarious Hamm
C Sean Brown
LB Dorian O’Daniel

What are your thoughts on Malcolm Howard re-signing with the Pittsburgh Maulers? Which player should the team sign next? Let us know down in the comments below, or join the conversation on Discord!

  1. I have noticed the Maulers have yet to sign some of their borderline NFL players after failing to stick with NFL team after camps. If it turns out Kyahva Tezino does not sign back with the team the Maulers, and any USFL/XFL team may want to reach out to former Jets camp hand DQ Thomas. In my limited opportunities to watch him play, I feel he can tackle similar to Tezino. He is very active. Even with the talent the Jets had I figured he would make the Jets, if not the practice squad. Whether he can provide the same type of turnovers and toughness that Tezino brings remains to be seen, but he might be worth a check out of the tape. There is some confusion to another player with a similar name that did not play for the Jets. This guy played in the preseason with the Jets a couple of years back and later with the Packers camp.

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