Philadelphia Stars Re-Sign Center C.J. Perez For 2024

Philadelphia Stars Re-Sign Center C.J. Perez For 2024

The Philadelphia Stars have brought back another key player in USFL Free Agency. Starting center C.J. Perez has re-signed with the team, which is excellent news for their front five.

C.J. Perez has been with the Philadelphia Stars for a couple of seasons. He settled into the starting role at center this year, for all ten games during the regular season.

While the Stars had some inconsistencies at the offensive line position this year due to injuries, Perez was a pillar for the unit.

After spending some time as a free agent, C.J. Perez now officially returns to the team for the 2024 USFL season.

Perez played the majority of his college ball at Temple University, where he earned fourth-team All-AAC recognition during his senior year.

Final Thoughts

GM Michael Woods has been busy in the offseason, specifically signing some offensive lineman. The Stars 4-6 record in 2023 was largely due to their line struggles.

Recently, the organization took part in a blockbuster trade with the Birmingham Stallions. The Stars sent off safety Cody Brown, and newly signed DT Marvin Wilson for OG Gray Davis and OT Ryan Pope. Clearly, the Stars are doing everything they can to improve upon their line for 2024.

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