Pep Hamilton Officially Named Head Coach/GM of XFL DC

Pep Hamilton Officially Named Head Coach/GM of XFL DC

What we already know has been officially confirmed by the XFL. Shortly before today’s press conference in DC the XFL posted the following on Twitter:

Today’s press conference was a bit shorter than the one we had in Dallas, but let’s go through everything that happened.

First DC Events Board Member, Ty Simpson, came out to talk about the local area and how it’s a perfect fit for the XFL. He mentioned that they had done they due diligence before submitting themselves as a potential location. Simpson went on to say that when they look at bring an organization into their city they want to make sure that it will be an established family friendly environment. He also praised Vince McMahon and Oliver Luck on the progress they’ve made so far.

Oliver Luck then came out and gave a brief update on the state of the XFL. The most notable of which is that he once again confirmed that TV deals should be announced soon. He also said that four games will be televised weekly. Two on over the air terrestrial television, and two on cable, which he iterated would be networks that are easy to find and known and respected by sports fans. We previously reported that the XFL was in talks with ABC/ESPN and Fox/FS1, which align perfectly with what he is saying.

Luck then went on to talk a bit about Pep Hamilton. He brought up that Hamilton has over a decade of coaching experience. Specifically bringing up the Jets, Colts, 49ers, Stanford and Michigan, where he was most recently Assistant Coach to Jim Harbaugh. Luck then spoke about Hamilton’s career at Howard University down the road from Audi Field. He touched on his on-hands experience with Quarterbacks, naming Jay Cutler, Brian Greese and even his son Andrew Luck. At that time he then welcomed Pep Hamilton to the XFL and invited him on stage.

Pep came out and first thanked his Wife and family back in Michgan, then thanks all his friends and family that came out from Howard University to support him. Hamilton said he was intrigued by the XFL once he heard that Oliver Luck had been named the CEO and Commissioner ,stating that Luck has the know-how needed to jump start a league. He also said that Luck he had the Midas touch in regards to how he raised his children.

Because of Luck’s role with the XFL, his decision was easy to make. He loved the idea that he was able to take on such a challenge of not only building a team from the ground-up, but also working with the community to make the fan experience enjoyable.

Hamilton then stated he would be looking for people like himself why building the team, and more importantly building the league. He wants to find people that have the same passion for football as he shares, and wants to find players that are able to think outside of the box.

That was about it for this press conference, but it sounds like we’re going to get another one next week in Seattle, and possible one each week afterwards. Word on the Streets is that it’s going to be Jim Zorn, so far we’re two for two, hopefully next week we can extend our record. Regardless, by the end of March we should know all of the coaches in the league.

You can watch the full press conference below: