Oliver Luck Sues Vince McMahon for Wrongful Termination

Oliver Luck & Vince McMahon Settle XFL Termination lawsuit

It’s been a long road back for the XFL and the new ownership group. Although Vince McMahon no longer owns the XFL, he’s still dealing a lingering lawsuite with former Commissioner Oliver Luck.

For those who are unaware of the conditions behind the trial, Luck sued McMahon, Alpha, and WWE back in April of 2020 after the XFL folded. The suit claims Vince McMahon wrongfully terminated his contract days before the league filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. McMahon and Alpha Entertainment countered by saying that Luck violated his contract and was insubordinate, which gave McMahon reason to fire him and ended their obligation to pay the rest of his contract.

According to Ben Fisher of SBJ, Oliver Luck and former league owner Vince McMahon have reached a settlement in their legal battle over roughly $24M in compensation Luck said he was due after McMahon fired him in April 2020. At the time of publication details are unknown on the terms.

The settlement was referred to in a filing by Luck’s attorney, Paul Dobrowski, on Friday, seeking a judicial order permanently sealing records in the case. Many had already been sealed until a resolution. “The parties reached an agreement to resolve this case on June 16, 2022,” Dobrowski wrote. The case had been slated to go to jury selection on July 11. McMahon’s lawyer, Jerry McDevitt, does not oppose the motion.

It seems as one chapter of the XFL is about to start, one from its past is about to close.

The new XFL is slated for a February 2023 return, and at the moment they’re just kicking off their showcase events to scout talent for next year.

Many would love to see Oliver Luck resume his role in the XFL, but it seems highly unlikely at this point. The league has yet to reveal the new team names and cities, officially at least. But, everything seems to be on target for their 2023 return.

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