Oliver Luck Sues Vince McMahon for Wrongful Termination

Oliver Luck/Vince McMahon Lawsuit on Hold Until After XFL Sale

All eyes are currently on early August in anticipation that the XFL may be purchased out of bankruptcy and return for a third time. Separate from the bankruptcy auction is a lawsuit filed by former CEO and Commissioner, Oliver Luck, for wrongful termination.

Luck was let got from the league days prior to the XFL filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, but it wasn’t known until this lawsuit was entered into the public record. It seems, we have some updates on the situation.

According to court records, Judge Victor A. Bolden, has placed a ‘Stay” order on the case.

“The case is stayed until Alpha Entertainment LLC can be joined as an indispensable party to the action and DENIES without prejudice Mr. Luck’s motions for prejudgment remedy and disclosure of assets. Signed by Judge Victor A. Bolden on 6/26/2020. (Conde, Djenab)”

The goal of this ‘stay’ is to allow the XFL to be purchased through bankruptcy, then proceed with the lawsuit between Oliver Luck and Vince McMahon.

“ORDER Administratively Closing Case. Because of the ongoing bankruptcy proceedings of Alpha Entertainment LLC, an indispensable party, this case has been stayed. See ECF No. 79. Rather than continue to keep the case open on the docket, the Clerk of Court is directed to close it administratively, without prejudice to reopening, once Alpha can be joined as a party.
Signed by Judge Victor A. Bolden on 6/26/2020.(Conde, Djenab)”

As we mentioned at the top, we should know the full details of the league sale in early August. There’s still no guarantee that the league will return in 2021 or at all, but with over 30 bidders interested it is seeming more likely.

Once we get more information on the sale of the XFL or Oliver Luck’s lawsuit against Vince McMahon we’ll keep you updated.