Oliver Luck joins PFT; talks AAF, rule testing, game days and more

Oliver Luck talks TV deals, Draft and XFL’s “Team 9”

Brian Stull caught up with Oliver Luck during the press conference last week in St. Louis.

In regards to the XFL upcoming TV deal, Luck said all 43 games will be broadcast across fully distributed cable or over the air free television. He also stated that the over the air partners will be an alphabet network, meaning ABC, CBS, NBC or Fox. Luck confirmed that the deal that the XFL has signed with their broadcast partners is a multi-year deal.

The XFL will begin the process of signing players over the summer, but will ramp up after the NFL makes their initial cuts in September. Stating that there’s almost 850 available players after the cuts take place. Luck also stated that the XFL draft will indeed take place in October. We had head the same statement from St. Louis Head Coach, Jonathon Hayes last week. Luck expects to have about 650 players available for the draft.

The most interesting thing to come out of this interview was when Luck brought up that the XFL has what they call “Team 9”. The team will be based out of Dallas and will have roughly 40 players, with a full set of coaches. They would practice on a daily basis, and would be used to supplement the eight active teams throughout the season if any injuries occur. Luck said they had something similar in NFL Europe and this team would act as the leagues “G-League”, or development team.

Ending the interview, Luck said we’re still about a four to six weeks out from learning the team names and logos. A lot of great information in this clip, you can listen to the full interview below. (Starts at the 30min mark)