Official USFL Discord Comes Alive

Official USFL Discord Comes Alive

It wasn’t too long ago that fans online discovered that the USFL was working on building a Discord group for the league. At the time there wasn’t much that you could see without being verified, other than some FAQs and links.

It was just earlier this week that the Discord added an NFT section to the group, creating speculation on what the leagues plans were for the crypto collectables.

Fast forward to today, the USFL put out a press release announcing that they were going to be opening an NFT marketplace in partnership with FOX Entertainment’s Blockchain Creative Labs. The confirmed the earlier leak coming from Discord. Additionally, with this deal, the USFL will be come the first sports organization to share profits from the NFT sales with the players and coaches. Ultimately, creating another revenue stream.

After the NFT news dropped, something else happened in the background; the official USFL Discord group opened up to the public.

After a quick verification process you’ll be able to access a lot more channels within the group. Some of which are still closed off to the public. At the moment the conversation is just getting started, but you can expect it to pick up as people become aware.

It also seems that NFTs may come into play with the Discord group as well, giving fans special access to team specific groups based on ownership of token.

Regardless, this another avenue for USFL fans to get together and discuss the upcoming season.

If you’re into the new USFL and you’re a fan of Discord, it feels like a no-brainer to jump onboard.