Chad 'Ochocinco' Johnson to tryout for XFL

Ochocinco Backs Out of XFL Tryout

Last week we reported that Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson had declared on Twitter that he would be trying out for the XFL as a kicker this past Monday. Monday came and went, but there were no signs of Ochocinco to be found. Surely, the XFL as well as Johnson would be hyping this on social media? Right…

This left fans wondering what had happened with the try out. Had it happened at all? Did Ochocinco even show up? Well, it seems we finally have an answer. According to ESPN, Johnson informed the XFL that he decided against participating Sunday night, just one day prior to his scheduled tryout.  He has not commented publicly about the decision.

It’s still unclear if Johnson was serious about wanting to get back into football for real, but if he does it doesn’t look like it’ll be the XFL. We’ll keep you updated as more information comes in on this matter.