Observations From The Two New USFL Promos

Observations From The Two New USFL Promos

Last month the USFL put out their first promo during the last Thursday Night Football FOX broadcast of the season. The next Sunday we saw two more promos drop for the league. Ever since, we’ve seen FOX capitalize on the remainder of the NFL season by airing promos during every broadcast.

Last week, during the final week of the NFL regular season; FOX gave us two more promos for the league. Similar to the first set, the new advertisements were each 10-seconds long.

Similar to the first set, we wanted to deep dive into the new promos and give our observations.

The first promo came early in the day Sunday, and had the same feel as the first three that came before it.

Although there wasn’t a lot to take in with this promo. @NewsUSFL on Twitter was quick to point out that the field displayed in the ad was Hinez Field. Specifically calling out the visible 58 in the background, which is there for former Steelers legend Jack Lambert.

This by no means eludes to the pact that the Pittsburgh Maulers may play at that stadium, this is just where the footage was filmed. Considering that the USFL is owned by FOX, it’s possible this footage was something they already had in their archives.

The promo states “The ruling on the field. More football”. Let’s be honest, who can argue with that.

After the first promo dropped, USFL fans were hopeful to see another. As the afternoon went on, those wished were granted with another ad being pushed out to the masses.

The latest promo really seemed to get fans hype. This became the second time that we get a shot of the USFL football.

In the first promo the league aired, we saw a shot of the game ball. At the time, there was a lot of debate on whether this was the real ball, or just a render. Well, with a new promo out showing the same ball, at minimum it looks like this is the direction they’re going in.

The new USFL ball definitely pays homage to the original, while giving it a modern touch. We see the USFL logo at the center, with stars placed around the tip of the ball.

This is a similar approach we saw in the XFL, and quite frankly we love to see it being utilized in the new USFL. Those stars are going to act as extra markers making it just slightly easier for the receivers to secure the ball.

All in all, the league has knocked it out of the park when it comes to their marketing approach on TV.

With the NFL playoffs kicking off this weekend, we’re hopeful we see some more come through the airwaves. Additionally, we’re waiting to see if NBC will get in the mix. NBC is set to air the Super Bowl this year, so at minimum we expect to see something there.

In the latest episode of The USFL Podcast, The REF and Zach discuss the latest promos as well. Tune in to get their take on the situation!

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