No. 1 Overall Pick Ben Holmes Released By New Jersey Generals, Luis Perez Signed

No. 1 Overall Pick Ben Holmes Released By New Jersey Generals, Luis Perez Signed

With just over two weeks until the USFL kicks off their inaugural season, each team is feverishly working towards being game ready. This includes ensuring that their rosters are effectively set in place for April 16th, and beyond.

As coaches closely watch player’s performances in training camp, some are being cut before the season even begins. Unfortunately, this is the case for Ben Holmes, who was the New Jersey Generals’ No. 1 pick in the USFL draft.

This came as a surprise to many fans, as it seemed like Holmes was going to be the starting QB for New Jersey on the 16th. However, it turns out that the release is not due to performance, but an injury.

Our very own Zach Keilman of the Gridiron Gallery Podcast learned that Holmes suffered a foot injury, which has now been confirmed as a fractured toe.

This is a tough development for Holmes, who was finally getting an opportunity to lead a professional football team. Considering Mike Riley drafted him with his #1 pick, it was inevitable that he would see playing time.

Hopefully, Holmes can make a quick recovery. Ideally, the athlete will resign with New Jersey, or at least get picked up by another team. However, the odds of him being brought back to the Generals are low, especially since Luis Perez has been picked up by the organization.

Luis Perez Signed In Holmes’ Absence

Interestingly enough, Luis Perez was unsigned in the USFL’s inaugural draft, and was not looked at in the supplementary draft either. This was surprising to some, as Perez has performed well in multiple spring football leagues.

Now that Holmes went down with an injury, Perez has an opportunity to fill in as the starter for New Jersey. He will have competition from DeAndre Johnson, but Perez has already proven himself in times past.

The calm, poised quarterback took over for the New York Guardians of the XFL in week four, and led the team to two straight wins before the league shut down.

He also participated in The Spring League’s 2021 season, and helped lead the Jousters to the Mega Bowl, where they fell to the Linemen 26-23. Generally speaking, Perez is an excellent signing for the Generals, and is easily one of the top prospects in the USFL.

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