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Nine USFL Game Officials Selected for NFL

Officials will continue working USFL games before heading to NFL in 2023

In last two years, 17 of 22 new NFL officials have come from the USFL

Nearly all 48 current USFL Officials in the NFL Officiating Development Program

CANTON, Ohio, April 20, 2023 – As the USFL prepares to kick-off Week 2 in the shadow of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, the League received some welcome news from the NFL. Nine USFL Game Day Officials were selected yesterday to officiate games for the upcoming NFL 2023 season. With nearly all 48 USFL Officials participating in the NFL Officiating Development Program, the close relationship between the two leagues continues to benefit fans by improving football officiating.

Nine of 12 new NFL Officials coming from the USFL shows that our leagues share the same exacting standards of officiating,” said Mike Pereira, USFL Head of Officiating. “We’re proud that in just two years, the NFL has selected 17 of its 22 new officials from the USFL. It demonstrates that our close relationship benefits everyone, especially for football fans.”

According to the NFL Officiating announcement, here are the nine USFL Officials selected by the NFL:

      USFL Position (#)             Name (First Last)                    College Conference

  • Referee (10)                     James Carter                         SEC
  • Umpire (42)                       Scott Campbell                      Big 12
  • LJ (58)                               Walter Flowers                      SEC
  • LJ (17)                               Brett Bergman                       Big 10
  • FJ (56)                               Jason Ledet                           Big 12
  • SJ (98)                              Frank Steratore                     Big Ten
  • BJ (13)                              Martin Hankins                      SEC
  • BJ (11)                              Tyree Walton                         Big 12
  • DJ (16)                              Brian Sakowski                     ACC

Last year during the USFL’s first season, the NFL selected eight officials – this group included Robin DeLorenzo, who became just the third female official to join the NFL. Now in its second season, the USFL officiating staff includes seven women.

The USFL is a league of opportunity not only for players and coaches, but also for NFL-caliber officials,” said Pereira. “All 48 USFL officials this season have strong college experience and have proven to be ready for the professional level. The USFL is also a fan-first league, so we’re proud to provide football fans the best officiating possible to get the calls right.”

While Pereira leads the USFL Replay Command Center in Los Angeles, Pac-12 referee Steve Strimling returns for his second year as the USFL Coordinator of Officiating. Former NFL official Ronnie Baynes is the USFL Game Supervisor.

The USFL uses the same 7-person crew as the NFL (referee, umpire, down judge, line judge, field judge, side judge, back judge). For its second season now at four host stadiums in Canton, Detroit, Birmingham, Ala., and Memphis, Tenn., the USFL has 48 officials divided into six crews. For flexibility in scheduling, some crews have more than one official in the same position. Current USFL Officials (including * NFL selection) are listed by their position and number with their college conference:

USFL Officials Crew 1

      Position (#)            Name (First Last)                    College Conference

  • Referee (67)          Derek Anderson                    Big 12
  • Umpire (28)           Robert Richeson                   Big 12
  • DJ (22)                  Josiah Ford                           ACC
  • LJ (17)                   *Brett Bergman                     Big Ten
  • FJ (5)                     LaShell Nelson                      Big Ten
  • FJ (3)                     Nicole Randolph                    MAC
  • SJ (73)                  Justin Larrew                        SEC
  • BJ (45)                  Jacob Kemp                          Big Ten

USFL Officials Crew 2

      Position (#)            Name (First Last)                    College Conference

  • Referee (72)          Bryan Banks                          Big Ten
  • Umpire (42)           *Scott Campbell                    Big 12
  • DJ (26)                  Stephen Ray                          SEC
  • LJ (71)                   Brian Perry                            ACC
  • FJ (33)                   Michael Griffith                      ACC
  • SJ (98)                  *Frank Steratore                    Big Ten
  • BJ (13)                  *Martin Hankins                     SEC

USFL Officials Crew 3

      Position (#)            Name (First Last)                    College Conference

  • Referee (10)          *James Carter                       SEC
  • Umpire (9)             Tuta Salaam                           Big 12
  • DJ (6)                    Ryan Hagan                           SEC
  • DJ (61)                  Jeremiah Harris                    Conference USA
  • LJ (18)                   Cat Conti                                Big 12
  • LJ (21)                   Monique Washington            MAC
  • FJ (29)                   Jimmy DeBell                        (7 NFL seasons)
  • SJ (7)                    Phillip Hicks                          Big Ten
  • BJ (11)                  *Tyree Walton                        Big 12

USFL Officials Crew 4

      Position (#)            Name (First Last)                    College Conference

  • Referee (39)          Stuart Mullins                        ACC
  • Umpire (51)           Ron Turner                            SEC
  • DJ (54)                  Chad Green                           SEC
  • LJ (49)                   Kristopher Loving                 Big Ten
  • FJ (56)                   *Jason Ledet                          Big 12
  • SJ (31)                  Karina Tovar                          Pac-12
  • SJ (75)                  Josh Aragon                          WAC
  • BJ (81)                  Jacques Hooper                    ACC

USFL Officials Crew 5

      Position (#)            Name (First Last)                    College Conference

  • Referee (27)          Adam Savoie                         ACC
  • Umpire (12)           Krystle Apellaniz                   Mountain West
  • Umpire (4)             Amanda Sauer                      Big Ten
  • DJ (34)                  Sergio DeHoyos                    Big Ten
  • LJ (58)                   *Walter Flowers                     SEC
  • FJ (80)                   Daniel Gautreaux                  SEC
  • SJ (88)                  Raymond Daniel                    Big Ten
  • BJ (23)                  Donnie Aultman                    Big 12

USFL Officials Crew 6

      Position (#)            Name (First Last)                    College Conference

  • Referee (19)          Larry Smith                            Big Ten
  • Umpire (20)           Scott Walker                          SEC
  • DJ (16)                  *Brian Sakowski                    ACC
  • LJ (2)                     Quentin Givens                     Big 12
  • FJ (8)                     Glen Fucik                              SEC
  • SJ (48)                  Michael Kennedy                  American Athletic
  • SJ (24)                  John Morton                          Pac-12
  • BJ (37)                  Joe Johnston                         Pac-12

About the United States Football League (USFL):

Fast, physical, and fun, the USFL is a fan-first, stand-alone professional spring football league that completed a remarkably successful inaugural season in 2022. Run by experienced football leaders, the USFL kicked-off April 15, 2023, becoming the first nationally televised spring league in nearly 40 years to begin a second season. FOX Sports and NBC Sports are official media partners, presenting all 43 regular- and postseason games for the eight-team league that plays in Detroit, Canton, Ohio, Birmingham, Ala., and Memphis, Tenn. Former NFL Dallas Cowboys player and current FOX NFL analyst Daryl Johnston is President of Football Operations. Former NFL Vice President of Officiating and current FOX NFL analyst Mike Pereira is Head of Officiating. “United By Football,” USFL fans can find scheduling and ticketing information at and follow on Twitter, FacebookInstagramYouTube, and TikTok.