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NFL To Adopt XFL-Style Kickoff For 2024-2025 Season

The innovation of spring football continues to make shockwaves across the scene as a whole. As of today, an XFL-style kickoff has been voted on and approved by NFL owners.

This proposal was very similar to what we saw in the XFL during the 2020 and 2023 seasons. The new kickoff was designed by Sam Schwartzstein, who in 2020 was in charge of developing the innovative rules for the XFL to implement.

While there are some minor tweaks to this system as a whole, the general principle remains the same. The point of this kickoff is to encourage returns – as the XFL had over 90% of their kickoffs returned during their 2023 season.

In the NFL, with touchbacks becoming more and more common, the league had to do something with the kickoff. Either you take it away fully, or figure out a way to work it back into the game in a safe way. The XFL did exactly that, as players are set up much closer to the returner, but are not allowed to move until the ball is touched.

This means that injuries are far less common within the XFL’s system, as high impact collisions are almost entirely avoided. Not only that, but it allows for teams to be creative, which should bring even more excitement to the NFL as a whole.

Those of us who watched the XFL’s season in 2020 will always remember Joe Powell’s unbelievable touchdown with the St. Louis Battlehawks:

Last year, the XFL saw one kickoff returned for a touchdown. Fred Brown, with the San Antonio Brahmas, took one to the house in their game against the Vegas Vipers.

Final Thoughts

The intriguing piece to this whole scenario is the UFL. With the USFL-XFL merger, the United Football League has decided to adopt the USFL’s kickoff. This kickoff looked more traditional, but also encouraged returns. We saw over 91% of kickoffs returned in the USFL last year.

Daryl Johnston did mention in an interview with Reid Johnson that it is possible we see a rule change back to the XFL version. However, the context for that statement was that it would only happen if serious injuries occurred.

Now, though, with the NFL adopting the XFL’s style, one has to wonder if the UFL executives are pondering this decision, as their season kicks off this weekend.

Either way, it’s tremendous to see the impact of spring football on the professional scene as a whole. The entire point of the USFL, XFL, and UFL is to not just provide players with another opportunity, but to also move the game forward with innovations. This one might just be the biggest change we’ve seen yet come out of spring football. Thank you, Sam Schwartzstein.

What are your thoughts on the NFL adopting the XFL kickoff? Will it work in the 2024 season? Let us know down in the comments below, or join the conversation on Discord!

  1. My thoughts are that the USFL kickoff is the best. Roger Goodell has been runing the NFL since he arrived as commissioner. His rule changes have really hurt the game of FB imo.

    The league went after the K/O because of appearances to address a lawsuit, nothing more. Is it really generating that many injuries. No. The UFL data shows that.

    Is he addressing QBs running too much and getting hurt? No. In fact all the special QB rules encourage it. Too many games played ? – hell no they added a week and another 2 playoff games too.

    The traditional NFL style K/O is awesome. UFL viewers will enjoy it far better.

    As far as well the NFL does it we should too arguement… then have a PAT be a 33yd kick and no 5/7yd 2/3 tries either or 1 foot in bounds catches.

    Let the UFL be different on K/O’s (and yet the same as real NFL K/O of the past), again viewers will enjoy it.

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