NFL Alerts Teams They Are Working With XFL to Start Signing Players

NFL Alerts Teams They Are Working With XFL to Start Signing Players

As you know by now the XFL has suspended the season due to the coronavirus. Shortly after the announcement came that the league would be ending the season early they alerted the press that they would also be allowing XFL players to sign with the NFL (or any other league) upon their exit physical. This pretty much cemented that the 2020 season was over, but since then we haven’t seen any XFL players picked-up. Which is surprising after stellar performances from PJ Walker, Camp Phillips, Jordan Ta’amu among others.

Well, today we have some more information on that front. Tom Pelissero of NFL Network is reporting that the NFL told teams last night that it “is working with the XFL to finalize procedure to permit NFL clubs to sign XFL players.”

This is great news for those players looking to advance their careers, but also sad news for the fans that loved watching them for their respective XFL franchise. We expect signings to start happening as early as this week, we’ll keep you posted as more information comes out on which XFL players land a spot in the NFL.

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  1. Honestly I hoped that this first season would keep the momentum high, as to attendance and TV viewing. Which it did all the way up until the last weekend of season play,that was shortened to 5 weeks due to Corona virus.It really really is a big bummer, as most people could tell that the League was on the up.Beating out almost every other pro sports in TV viewership(Except maybe one or two NBA games, and then it was really a tie in these few instances), so it seemed evident that the XFL was at least making some money.Well to that point I was and still am, hoping that the XFL will up the base salary enough to keep players and not lose them to the XFL. The XFL needs Star players like other pro sports,and it seemed to find them near the end of the 5th week.Ohh well I guess,but in the future I hope the XFL grows big enough to be able to hold onto their Stars.I understand the money game with players,but if the XFL is bled of it’s best players every year, the play itself will never hit the mark it needs to.That in itself could be the demise of the XFL, as people wouldn’t like watching a pro team that never has the ability to learn to play as a team because they are ripped apart every spring by the NFL.The XFL needs to grow and pay the players more, to attract more star players.They also need to expand their season to 12 games a year,and add at least 2 more teams to each division in the very near future. Most people I know of Love the new XFL, but all agree that they can’t keep losing their best players every year, like maybe sign them to 2 year contracts at a minimum.Well I’m super bummed about this virus crap, especially since the east has three teams that are 3-2, including the NY Guardians who just figured out what they were missing in a QB.To only catch up to the pack record wise, then to have the momentum taken away. Just like if there was a way to have the playoffs, I think before any of that happened NY and DC should have to play one more game to see who really is better.Considering NY just beat the two teams DC lost to,that gave them the same 3-2 record.

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