Some XFL Team Names Potentially Leak Prior To Announcement

New XFL Logo Revealed Prior to Launch

Last night the XFL updated their website with a countdown timer with a message stating “a new era for the XFL is starting”.

Later that same day, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson shared a video from the XFL which shows the old logo being turned into dust. Additionally, eagle eyed fans noticed that he had also tagged AC/DC, which led fans to speculate if it was a reference to “Back in Black”.

One thing seemed evident, the XFL was most likely going through a rebranding and would receive a new logo along with the updated look and feel.

XFL Insider and XFL Newsroom staff member Jake Henry stumbled upon the new XFL logo and hype video last night, but to his credit did not want to spoil it for the league and the fans.

It was inevitable that it would leak, and thanks to Seth Lessans on Twitter, we have our first look at the new XFL logo.

Additionally, the league published a video on YouTube titled “A New Identity for the XFL’s New Direction”.

UPDATE: The video has now been made private on YouTube. Stay tuned until tomorrow when the video is set to go live.

The news is set to officially drop tomorrow at 12pm ET, so there may be some more to come along with it. It’s been teased by co-owner Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson that we’d hear new team names/cities and broadcast partners in the coming months to kick off the year. We’re hoping that maybe the league gives us a peak at some of those items along with the drop tomorrow.

It’s also likely that we see some new variation to the XFL website, along with a new shop with new merchandise.

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