Breakers To Be Excited For In 2023

Breakers To Be Excited For In 2023

Season two for the USFL is fastly approaching, and I know everyone (including myself) are excited about all the new faces that the team will eventually bring in closer to the season. But I wanted to highlight a few players currently on the roster that fans should be happy to be returning to the Breakers team in 2023. Let’s get started!

The RB Room: Jordan Ellis, Anthony Jones, Ezra Gray

Jordan Ellis is probably the most known from the list and as he should be because he was the USFL’s leading rusher in terms of rushing yards with 596 yds. Ellis’ combo of power and speed last year was truly a gift to the Breaker’s offense. In the RB room Jordan Ellis played the Thunder role while his compadre Anthony Jones played that Lightning role in that room.

What Anthony Jones brought to the Breakers offense last year was what someone like say an Alvin Kamara brings to the Saints’s offense. His lightning quick speed and finesse running style complimented Jordan Ellis very well. Jones was a late addition to the roster in 2022 but he quickly added an element to the RB room that was definitely missing. I can’t wait to see how Coach Flip uses him this season.

Ezra Gray was added to the roster in week 8 and didn’t see much run at all. He was used on STs primarily as a return man, but I can see a world where coach Flip uses all three of his backs. Gray is a very very quick and flashy RB. Great finesse runner, and can be a great return man if Flip should want to use him as such. Do not be surprised if the RB room for the Breakers is the best in the league this year.

“The Bourbon Street Bombers”: Johnnie Dixon & Jonathan Adams

Both Adams and Dixon were huge parts of the Breakers offensive success. When (former) Breakers QB Kyle Sloter was able to find both WRs they absolutely caused opposing defenses headaches. Dixon I would say is the speedy WR and Adams is the possession style WR. Both dynamic in their own way. I would put this WR duo top 3 in the league and they may even be the best under Coach Flip’s tutelage this season depending on the QB. Fans should be very excited about these two returning in 2023.

“The Wrecking Krewe”: Jerod Fernandez & Davin Bellamy

Defense wins championships and this past season the Breakers had a championship caliber defense. What made the defense such a hard nosed, rugged defense was because of this duo of Bellamy and Fernandez. Fernandez was the QB of the defense playing the Middle/Inside LB spot in the Nickel 4-2-5 defense. He was an absolute tackling machine finishing with 86 tackles in just 10 games and the downhill speed was what really caught my eyes and made me really see him as a vital part of the defense.

Alongside Fernandez the tackling  machine was Davin Bellamy the sack master. The former Georgia Bulldog really was a brute force on the Breakers defensive line. There were times where it was almost as if the Offensive Lineman was just sitting still, that is how great Bellamy was on that defensive line. Racking up 40 total tackles on top of 6 sacks (which was fourth in the league).

Breakers fans have a lot to be excited about going into the 2023 season and these few players coming back should also get you excited for the season too.

  1. Hi Logan, It was great to read your article. I was concerned that you omitted two players from your chat. Taywan Taylor and Vontae Diggs. Did you just only want to mention specific players or do you think these two players will not be on the Breakers in 2023? I tend to feel the 3 receivers is even more of a threat as I think Taywan has the ability to stretch the field as well as the short game. More than just the two I feel the three are a really good threat. As far as Vontae Diggs goes Jerod Fernandez fuel each other’s play. I would love for those two to continue.

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