New Orleans Breakers Sign QB Aqeel Glass

New Orleans Breakers Sign QB Aqeel Glass

The New Orleans Breakers have just recently signed former Alabama A&M QB Aqeel Glass. Aqeel was truly a phenomenal Quarterback at AAMU. This is a huge signing by Coach Flip and the front office. This signing truly has the potential of being game changing for the Breakers.

What to Know

A four year starter at Alabama A&M, Aqeel Glass, caused opposing SWAC defenses headaches. The St. Louis native has over ten thousand career yards passing to go along with a TD/INT ratio of 104-31. The SWAC isn’t no slouch to play in and for Glass to put up the numbers he did in that conference is absolutely impressive.

His best season at AAMU to date was his final one by far. Completing around 63% of his passes. Throwing for around 3,600 yards. A TD/INT ratio of 36-7 isn’t too shabby either.

He is a two time winner of the Deacon Jones Trophy which is awarded to the nation’s top HBCU player. He also participated at the inaugural HBCU Legacy Bowl held at Tulane’s Yulman Stadium, and also played in the 2022 NFLPA Collegiate Bowl where he was 9/11 for 141 yds and passed for a TD as well.

What many fans will probably want to know is his style of play for the most part. The answer to that would be that he is a very, very good pocket passer. Someone that can kill you in the medium intermediate routes and has a very good, accurate deep ball as well.

I talked to Kyle Mosely of HBCU Legends/SI about Aqeel, and asked him what the Breakers are getting at QB with Aqeel Glass.

You’re getting a QB that is very smart…he was a great leader..his teammates at Alabama A&M always followed him, and always admired him, and his leadership skills and abilities”. He went on to say as well “If you give him time [to throw] he will pick you apart….he’s got everything you need…all the necessary tools you need..”

I’d say that is a pretty great endorsement and It got me even more excited to see him in action.

I personally asked the newly signed QB himself just what are the Breakers getting with Aqeel Glass leading the charge. Aqeel put it quite simply

They’re getting a leader, a winner, and a lot of points on the board”.

I like the sound of that, and I am pretty sure many Breakers fans like the sound of that as well.

Lastly, I asked him what he is most looking forward to coming into the upcoming Breakers season.

The opportunity to play the game again and play it on a great team this team went very far last year and I’m excited for the opportunity to get us over the edge”.

Kudos to Coach Flip and also newly appointed GM Ryan Jones for this terrific signing. I think Aqeel Glass will go on to great things this season for the Breakers. You can expect Glass to potentially lead the USFL in passing yards and passing TDs. He definitely looks the part of being a championship QB for the Breakers this season.

If that wasn’t enough for you then here is a link to Aqeel Glass’s highlights from his time at AAMU:

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