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New Orleans Breakers GM Matt Boockmeier Steps Down

The New Orleans Breakers have seen some major changes over the past couple of months. After recently hiring a new head coach, the USFL franchise now faces another obstacle. Matt Boockmeier, the teams’ General Manager, has officially stepped down from his position.

Boockmeier has obviously played a crucial role in building the New Orleans Breakers into who they are today. The team made the USFL’s inaugural playoffs, falling short in the semi-finals against the Birmingham Stallions.

Now, Matt departs from the team – just weeks after they hired John DeFilippo as their new head coach.

At this point, it’s no secret that this Breakers team will look vastly different than they did in 2022. QB Kyle Sloter is no longer with the team, being picked up by the Arlington Renegades in the XFL’s draft.

As we near the new year, the Breakers will have some important decisions to make. Multiple pieces have moved onto the NFL or XFL. Losing Sloter is a tough blow, especially considering his hype coming into the league. A new GM will have to be brought in at some point, and we look forward to seeing who the USFL brings in to fill that vacancy.

What are your thoughts on Matt Boockmeier stepping down? Will the New Orleans Breakers be as competitive in season two? Let us know down in the comments below, or join the conversation on Discord!

  1. Well you never know how they would have meshed. Being that John D. has a history with Doug Pedersen, one that was hopefully a good relationship, you could always see if Jaguars scout and former Generals receiver Tom McConnahey could see who might be a good fit for the job and who may be a good match for John D. Though the Breakers have lost some quality personnel, they can still move forward with their strengths. Good offensive and defensive lines as well as linebackers. The WR room should be attractive to say a Bryan Scott, Carson Strong or Chris Streveler. Use the strengths of this team as a bargaining chip. For those who want to play in the NFL, it is best to be successful. A rock solid QB and leader will also keep his receivers accountable, but also well fed. Just a note to John D. Try to keep the DC. They were tough last year.

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