Garrett McGhin Heads to The Big Apple.

New Jersey Generals OL Garrett McGhin Signs With New York Giants

Another New Jersey General is headed to the NFL, as Garrett McGhin has signed with the New York Giants. McGhin was an All-USFL offensive lineman for the New Jersey Generals, and now makes his move to the next level.

Garrett was a major piece for Mike Riley’s offense this season. New Jersey had the best rushing offense in the league, mainly because their offensive line was so solid.

Without McGhin’s contributions, there would not have been the dominant forces we saw in Trey Williams and Darius Victor. He was fantastic for New Jersey all year long, which earned him a spot on the inaugural All-USFL Offensive Team in 2022.

The New York Giants certainly need some help on the offensive line, and now McGhin has an opportunity to fill that hole. If it wasn’t for the USFL, odds are he would not be in this position. Garrett impressively brought the league to 20 players who signed to the NFL. You can stay up to date on all USFL to NFL signings with our official tracker.

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