New Details on Globe Life Park Conversion

New Details on Globe Life Park Conversion

We’re right around the corner from kick off, and we’re learning some new details on the Globe Life Park transition from baseball diamond to football field. Thanks to Twitter user @Park for sending this through.

According to project page on construction on Globe Life Park will start on October 10th, with a completion date of February 14th. The season starts Feb 8th so if true, it seems that The Renegades will not play at home week 1.

Under the scope of work it states, “Renovation of existing field to accommodate an XFL regulation football field with an addition of approx 4,000 side line bleacher seats. Other renovations include 2 new locker/shower rooms and a broadcast suite renovation.”

The most interesting piece is the last section on the page. Are the private funds provided by the tenant? Apparently, yes. It looks like the XFL may be footing some, if not all, of the funds for the Globe Life Park conversion. The estimated cost for the project is listed at $12,000,000, which is no chump change.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the league spend money on their new home stadiums. Earlier this year we spoke about the money that the XFL has been spending in St. Louis on The Dome.