NBC Out as Broadcast Partner for the Merged USFL/XFL League

Last week the merger between the USFL and XFL officially cleared federal review. The news was made official from a join statement from both leagues. Beyond the news that the approvals were complete, they revealed that the combined league would kickoff March 30th, 2024.

Ever since the USFL/XFL merger news started making the rounds many had wondered who the broadcast partners would be. Well, it looks like we’re closer to an answer. John Ourand (SBJ) reports that NBC will not be a broadcast partner of the new joint venture between the USFL and XFL.

According to NBC it comes down to scheduling conflicts with the new start date.

We enjoyed our relationship with the USFL and Fox, but the new earlier schedule made it impossible for us to continue,” said NBC Sports EVP/Communications Greg Hughes. “We wish them success with the new league and their new partners.”

Ourand states that the games will be split between ABC, ESPN, FOX & FS1.

NBC was a solid partner for the USFL in its first two seasons, even hosting their second Championship game this past July. It feels like a long time ago, but they even simulcast the inaugural USFL game in 2022 with FOX.

The network also has a history with the XFL. They were co-owners of the original league in 2001 during the Vince McMahon’s first attempt.

In what is turning out to be an interesting twist, FOX and ABC are partners again after hosting the XFL in 2020.

At the moment many are waiting for more details on the USFL/XFL merger. In the latest statement it says that more information will be shared in the coming weeks.

We’re hoping to learn the new league name, team names and locations by the end of the year. Stay tuned, we’ll keep you updated as more information comes in on the USFL/XFL merger.

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  1. Explains alot on need for merger by both sides. reduction of rumored teams from 12/10 to 8 as # of TV partners reduced. While this was likely to happen soon anyway with NBC likely getting NBA games it does means ABC/ESPN & FOX/FS1 back in play.
    I was never in favor of the unionization of the players but with only 1 league now and less TV options (don’t count out CW though) the union better be flexible ie ready for cost cuts in order to survive long term, thats just IMO.

  2. NBC likely can now focus on NBA rights and that tv time in the spring for NBC makes more sense to be devoted to NBA games.

  3. Bills fan living in New England. I feel the journalist Stephen pain, a specially after the eagles officiating game. I hope this merger grows the league. I was never an XFL fan but USFL was huge for Jim Kelly in the early 80’s and eant this league to grow. I need more football in my life!

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