NBC Among Several Networks Interested in Picking Up the XFL in 2020

The success of the XFL relaunch will depend on what kind of TV deal they get.

In 2001, Vince McMahon wanted to continue with the league after the inaugural season even after the WWF and NBC lost $35 million dollars from their $100 million investment. The main reason why there was no second season in 2002 is that NBC did not want to continue because they did not want to lose any more money and ratings had dipped to all-time lows in the final weeks.

Times have changed, networks are looking for more live sports programming Vince McMahon (via Alpha Entertainment, LLC) is funding the company on how own. So it’s no surprise to hear that several networks are interested in picking up the league in 2020.

Two sources have confirmed to us that NBC is interested in picking up the XFL when it launches in early 2020. Talks have happened already between the network and league officials.

The feeling among several people I spoke to is that the league has a better shot at succeeding this time around with better players and more emphasis on sports rather than entertainment. Vince McMahon has also promised to limit his involvement as the face of the brand and there will be no ties to WWE during XFL broadcasts.

We’re told that there are other networks interested but I have been unable to confirm those networks at this time.