NAL Announces San Antonio Gunslingers as Expansion Franchise

NAL Announces San Antonio Gunslingers as Expansion Franchise

Earlier this year when it was revealed that the United States Football League would be returning in 2022 there was a lot of eyes on the trademarks which were filed at the time. Since then FOX has created the National Spring Football League (NSFL) as a parent company to its new project and they have their own set of USFL trademarks.

One franchise that was missing after the transition was the San Antonio Gunslingers, and this may be the reason why.

Just now the National Arena League (NAL) announced the San Antonio Gunslingers as its first expansion team for the 2022 season.

Considering that the Gunslingers are not among the latest USFL trademarks we don’t expect to see any issue. That being said, anytime money is involved anything is possible.

Do you think the new USFL will have a problem with the National Arena League using the Gunslingers? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments below or join the conversation on Discord.

You can read the full press release from the National Arena League below:


San Antonio Becomes the NAL’s 1st Expansion Team for the 2022 Season

ATLANTA, GA – The National Arena League continues to make headlines this offseason as its highly anticipated 2022 season approaches this spring. Last month the league made major breaking news with the announcement that the NAL would become the home of Iron Man football. The original format of how the game was first played when it was invented, giving the majority of the active players on the field roles at both offensive & defensive positions. This month, the NAL opened its free agency period which has already led to major player signings as NAL stars select their homes for the 2022 season.

Today, the National Arena League announces more major news as the league introduces its newest expansion franchise in San Antonio, TX. The San Antonio Gunslingers will play in the upcoming 2022 National Arena League season. In the coming weeks they are expected to announce more team news including their new franchise logo, staff, and signing their first NAL players. The San Antonio Gunslingers will play all of their home games at the Freeman Coliseum just outside of downtown San Antonio, TX. The Freeman Coliseum has a seating capacity of over 9,000 for sporting events. The venue is a popular location in South Texas that has played host to concerts, professional bull riding, rodeos, wrestling, and boxing events. Freeman Coliseum has also been the home venue for a professional hockey team and multiple professional basketball teams.

The owner of the San Antonio Gunslingers, Hector Garcia, made an official statement about the expansion opportunity with the National Arena League “On behalf of the San Antonio Gunslingers Ownership we are honored to bring top tier arena league experiences to our loyal and energetic fans. The opportunity to bring the NAL to San Antonio will give our fans great talent to watch with their families. We chose the NAL because that was the league with the closest resemblance of the original AFL and with the most storied franchises in its league. The NAL was the best decision our organization could have made and we are excited to field a competitive team in 2022.”

San Antonio has had long term success as a sports city with major teams & sporting events frequently coming to the South Texas metropolitan area. San Antonio has had arena football teams in past seasons, but this will be the first NAL franchise to call San Antonio home and will be the sixth state represented in the National Arena League. The news of San Antonio’s expansion means that it is now the highest populated city in the NAL with over 1.5 million residents it also becomes the second largest city in the NAL with over 505 miles within its borders (Jacksonville, 875).

“We are excited to announce San Antonio as the newest members of the National Arena League,” stated Commissioner Chris Siegfried “Hector and his group have worked very hard to make this happen, and we look forward to seeing their team compete in the NAL in 2022 and beyond.”

For more information on the National Arena League’s newest expansion franchise the San Antonio Gunslingers please visit With all the exciting news surrounding the 2022 season the NAL the league is thrilled to encourage fans to follow the league online as more great news is expected to be released about the upcoming season within the weeks to come.

The National Arena League was founded in 2016 and hosted its inaugural season in 2017 as the premier league in arena football. For more information regarding expansion opportunities or partnerships, contact Commissioner Chris Siegfried at [email protected] . For more information about the NAL visit,,,