All Eight USFL Teams Officially Revealed on The Herd

More USFL Trademarks Registered After Teams Announced

Last Monday the United States Football League (USFL) finally revealed all eight team names and logos. The announcement came during an episode of The Herd on FS1, with Colin Cowherd breaking down the new teams and divisional breakdowns.

Since then, we’ve also heard EVP Football Operations, Daryl Johnston, say that the USFL  could possibly expand after its second or third season. Well, beyond the trademarks we discussed in the past, it looks like we have some more hints on possible future expansion teams.

The new round of trademarks are purely for logos, no new name registrations have been added at the time. Some already have already had previous trademarks registered, but there’s a few news ones in the list.

The new USFL trademarks are as follows:



All of the new trademarks are registered under goods and services with the following description for each.

Beverageware; insulating sleeve holders for beverage cans and bottles; plates, bowls, and servingware for serving food and drinks; lunch boxes; ceramic figurines; bottle openers

Clothing, namely tops, bottoms, jerseys, swimsuits, jackets, scarves, gloves, pajamas, underwear, socks, footwear, headwear, aprons

Footballs; football towels; toy model football fields; electronic action toys; mechanical action toys; toy action figures; plastic character toys; dolls; bobblehead dolls; miniature toy helmets; children’s dress up accessories; board games; stuffed, plush, and soft sculpture toys; puzzles; dog toys; hand-held consoles for playing video games; video game machines; Christmas tree decorations and ornaments; trading cards for games

Entertainment services, namely, professional football games and exhibition games; providing ongoing television and radio programs in the field of football; providing sports and entertainment information via a global computer network; fan clubs; betting services; gambling services; entertainment services provided during intervals at sporting events, namely, interviews and live musical performances

There’s still some details that are missing from the upcoming 2022 season, but all in all things to be going as planned. Now that the league has revealed their eight franchises, we wait for the official announcement of their centrally located season in Birmingham, AL.

As Johnston stated in his interview, he has a lot of confidence in the new USFL because it has the FOX machine behind it. Two of the big components to launching a sports league are funding and broadcasting. When it comes to both, we’re pretty confident that FOX has it under control as well.

It’s reported that FOX is set to invest $150M into the USFL over its first three seasons, and with a ‘bubble’ season in the works for 2022 they’re going to save a boat load of money.

Between the fact that they have a three year plan, it’s great to hear that there’s some people in the back office looking at the possibility of expanding this league in the future. Right now, the USFL has no teams on the west coast, so there’s a lot of land to fill in the future.

What teams would you like to see return to the USFL if they expand? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments below or join the conversation on Discord.