More details on the XFL Summer Showcase, confirmed open to the public

More details on the XFL Summer Showcase, confirmed open to the public

Since the XFL announced the Summer Showcase last week there have been a lot of questions from fans and players that are looking to get a try out. Today the XFL has posted a video giving a bit more information on the process.

It seems that the Summer Showcase will not be an open tryout, you will need to be invited to join the event. We also learned in today’s press conference announcing June Jones as Head Coach/GM of XFL Houston that college players will be able to enroll in the Showcase without losing college eligibility.

“These will be combines with innovative drills, where players with professional experience can get an opportunity show their wares in front of all of our coaches”, said Luck. “In addition to that we have an open application for college players.”

You can go to for more information on how to register for the Summer Showcase.

We have also confirmed, directly with Oliver Luck, that the Summer Showcase will be open to the public, meaning fans will be able to watch the XFL’s twist on the combine live and in person. There should be more information coming soon on how you can attend the Showcase, until then, here are the dates and locations for each event.

  • Dallas – June 7
  • Houston – June 8
  • New York – June 14
  • Washington DC – June 15
  • Los Angeles – June 21
  • Seattle – June 22
  • Tampa Bay – June 29
  • St. Louis – July 13