MLFB Updates Website — Team Names Revealed

MLFB Updates Website — Team Names Revealed

Major League Football (MLFB) has been around for quite a while now, but it seems as if they’re finally getting on their feet. Earlier this week the league announced Jerry Glanville as their first head coach. The day prior to the news, Frank Murtha (President/CEO) put out a statement on the MLFB website stating that coaching announcements would be made, and that the league would be receiving a makeover on their website and social media accounts on Friday.

As promised, Major League Football delivered a new website just now. Included in the revision is a full graphical overhaul, as well as new sections for the Schedule, Store, Tickets, Teams and more.

On the team front, with the new website we also got the four teams that will competing in MLFB later this year.

  • Attack
  • Force
  • Independence
  • Armada

Upon going to each of the team pages, you’re greeted with a picture of the team helmet with a coming soon message. Same goes for most of the site at this point to be honest.

Needless to say, this is a good first step for MLFB if they plan to hit the field in 2022.

The About Us section gives fans of the new league a little more detail on who they are and where their vision is set:

Several years of hard work, dedication, league development, and the delays caused by COVID-19, but here we come !

  • Not to be confused with anyone else, MLFB is a developmental league where players will participate for a variety of reasons
  • Players will receive more coaching in preparation for another look by the NFL and other leagues
  • Players can come back after a previous injury that restricted their ability to tryout or perform to the best of their ability for the NFL
  • A player that has the skill and talent to play at the professional level of football and wants to continue to live that dream

MLFB is a league that knows its purpose

  • Develop players, coaches, trainers and front office personnel Give fans more of an “inside look” at how professional football works
  • Capture more audio during the games (coaches, players, trainers, sideline chatter)
  • More content delivery focusing on how these players and coaches actually develop into professionals
  • Give the fans the “how’s and why’s” of becoming and maintaining the ability to be a professional football player e.g.,  What does an offensive lineman practice to get better?  Defensive ends?  Running backs?  Why do they choose to endure the pain, the injuries and the incredibly hard work?

MLFB will experiment with different elements of football to enhance the experience for players and viewers, but make sure to stay true to the integrity of the game

  • MLFB does not compete with the NFL, we support it through:
    • Getting our players coached up sufficiently so they’re ready to play in the NFL
    • Prepare coaching staff – from head coach, to coordinators, to position coaches
    • Train front office staff
    • Unique cities with no NFL overlap
    • A spring league that prepares the players, coaches, trainers and front office staff to be ready in July if an NFL opportunity opens up

Are you looking forward to MLFB? What are your thoughts on the team names? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments below or join the conversation on Discord.