Major League Football (MLFB) Announces the Cities Under Consideration for its 6 Franchises

MLFB – Plan For The Week

March 14, 2022  From The Offices of MLFB

As we start the week at MLFB, we do so with a lot of excitement.  We have shown you our colors, addressed our Reg A Offering, and have given you an overview of what is happening at our warehouse with the equipment.  Our list of people coming on staff continues grow.  To that point, MLFB is pleased to announce that TriNet, a nationally recognized payroll and human resources company, has been retained and has recently completed their first payroll cycle.  Payroll and HR company – Box Checked

The C-Suite at MLFB reviewed a number of banks that could serve our needs nationally.  In keeping with our policy of doing it right the first time, we vetted the list very carefully.  We interviewed them to determine not only what’s best for the league, but also for its employees, coaches, and players.  With Chase, we get a highly respected financial vendor.  National Banking Partner – Box Checked

Shareholders and Fans alike have been hungry for information.  MLFB has been feeding that hunger at a controlled pace and on plan.  We have tried to deliver that information in the most intelligent way we can.  A big improvement happens on Friday.  Tuesday morning MLFB will announce the first of our head coaches.  We will give you the how’s and why’s of this engagement as part of the developmental process for you, the fan.  MLFB promised to be a developmental league, teaching at every corner.  You are a crucial part of our journey and we plan to keep you well-informed of each milestone as we complete them.  Head Coach Announcement – Box Checked

This week, the SEC Form 10-Q will be released.  We will spend the requisite time to execute that requirement for the timely filing with the SEC.   PATIENCE IS STRENGTH.

Friday, March 18, 2022 will be another quintessential day at MLFB.  We will launch the new and improved MLFB website.  This roll-out has been and will continue to be deliberate.  There are no short-cuts in producing the level of quality we seek.  The information flow will continue and soon ramp up to scale with operations.  Social Media coordination is imminent and we look forward to your reactions.  We have the talent and we know what is necessary to be both sustainable and successful.  Launch New Website – Box Checked

Frank Murtha, President/ CEO, [email protected]
Kevin McLenithan, Investor Relations, [email protected]