Jerry Glanville to join XFL Tampa Bay as Defensive Coordinator

MLFB Announces Jerry Glanville As Its First Head Coach

LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL / ACCESSWIRE / March 15, 2022 /¬†Major League Football (OTC PINK:MLFB) embarks upon the final approach to training camp, we are excited and proud to announce the first of our Head Coaches. “We know our runway gets shorter every day,” CEO Frank Murtha says. “We needed to find a coach that has the experience not only in football, but in league development. Jerry Glanville fills that criteria perfectly. Not only does he know football and coaching as well as anyone on the planet, but he has also been involved in the early life of start-up leagues,” Murtha continued. Having coached at all levels of football including the NFL, Coach Glanville brings a wealth of knowledge to MLFB.

First and foremost, Glanville is a players’ coach. His goal is and always has been to always help athletes get better, both as players and as people. Many of his past players have been elevated to the top of the sport. “The excitement of competing is easily surpassed by the excitement of making a kid better,” Glanville said yesterday. “Gameday is great, but how great is it to get one into the NFL? That is the real excitement for me.” When he was coaching in the NFL, he was still focused on player development, both on and off the field. For this reason alone, he is a perfect fit for this league, and yet Jerry Glanville is so much more.

Coach Glanville’s broad range of experience and personality will allow the league to use him at a number of levels. A broadcaster, a race car owner and driver, and most importantly a self-described “Full Contact Conversationalist”, Glanville will deliver personality in any role he has. His honesty and candor are a big part of what makes him so valuable to us. His recent experience in spring league start-ups gives our league a distinct advantage, through which he can help us steer through the right course. His perceptions and “sound bites” are a broadcasting partner’s dream. Glanville’s ethos of putting the players first is exactly the sentiment we want our “developing” coaches to demonstrate as he helps them improve their skills. We are very confident that he will raise the bar for our coaching staff and continue to elevate players in the years to come.

What more can we ask for with our first head coach than what Coach Glanville will deliver for us?

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Major League Football (OTC Symbol MLFB) is a professional Spring Football League dedicated to the development of players, trainers, coaches and staff that need an opportunity to fully demonstrate their talent. For the athletes, our target is to provide them with the best-in-class resources to build and showcase their talents and graduate to the larger stage. The fans will get an unprecedented look at how this development happens. By filling this void, MLFB will augment and support player quality for Professional Football.

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