Mid-Season XFL Attendance Leaders and Averages

Mid-Season XFL Attendance Leaders and Averages

With week 5 in the books, we’re officially halfway through the XFL season. We wanted to take a look at the attendance around the league and let you know how everything stacks up.

After five weeks, the league has drawn 362,515 total fans. This averages out to 72,503 fans per week and 18,126 per game.

So, which teams are leading the league? We got you covered!

  1. St. Louis BattleHawks – Total Fans: 57,081/28,541 average
  2. Seattle Dragons – Total Fans: 51,232/25,616 average
  3. Houston Roughnecks – Total Fans: 54,691/18,230 average
  4. Dallas Renegades – Total Fans: 51,488/17,163 average
  5. DC Defenders – Total Fans: 48,536/16,179 average
  6. Tampa Bay Vipers – Total Fans: 30,366/15,183 average
  7. New York Guardians – Total Fans: 29,750/14,875 average
  8. Los Angeles Wildcats – Total Fans: 39,371/13,124 average

Week 1: 69,818 fans 

  • St. Louis Battlehawks at Dallas Renegades – 17,206
  • Tampa Bay Vipers at New York Guardians – 17,634
  • Houston Roughnecks at LA Wildcats– 17,815
  • Seattle Dragons at DC Defenders – 17,163

Week 2: 76,285

  • New York Guardians at DC Defenders – 15, 031
  • Tampa Bay Vipers at Seattle Dragons – 29,172
  • Dallas Renegades at LA Wildcats -14,979
  • St. Louis Battlehawks at Houston Roughnecks – 17,103

Week 3: 81,942

  • Houston Roughnecks at Tampa Bay Vipers – 18,117
  • Dallas Renegades at Seattle Dragons – 22,060
  • New York Guardians at St. Louis BattleHawks – 29,554
  • DC Defenders at LA Wildcats – 12,211

Week 4: 70,224 fans

  • Los Angeles Wildcats at New York Guardians – 12,116
  • Seattle Dragons at St. Louis BattleHawks – 27,527
  • Houston Roughnecks at Dallas Renegades – 18,332
  • DC Defenders at Tampa Bay Vipers – 12,249

Week 5: 64,246

Overall, these are great numbers for a start-up league if you ask me. It was early in the season that we reported that the XFL had already surpassed the AAF in ticket sales revenue and now we’re seeing what that looks like. There was no doubt going into the season that St. Louis was going to be a huge market for the XFL, the fans have embraced the BattleHawks so much that they have opened up more sections in the The Dome for their week 7 match-up against the Los Angeles Wildcats.

We’ll keep you posted as the season moves forward, stay tuned. How do you think the XFL is doing? Do you think we’ll see the league change some of the markets or stadiums next years for some of the teams based on attendance? Let us know down in the comments below or join the conversation on Discord.