Michigan Panthers Re-Sign WR Marcus Simms & DT T.J. Carter

Michigan Panthers Re-Sign WR Marcus Simms & DT T.J. Carter

The Michigan Panthers have made their first two moves in USFL free agency. WR Marcus Simms and DT T.J. Carter re-signed to the team, first reported by Jake Ball of Panthers Shadow.

WR Marcus Simms

Marcus Simms is back, which is excellent news for Mike Nolan’s offense. Right now, the team only has two other wide receivers on the roster, in A.J. Richardson and Devin Ross.

Simms was a late season addition in 2022, signing before week nine. He did not see any playing time during that season.

This year, Marcus Simms was active in seven games, starting two of them. After hardly being utilized all year, Marcus ended up making a major impact down the stretch of the season. In week ten, he returned two kickoffs deep into Philadelphia territory, which set up scores.

In addition, Simms blocked a punt that resulted in a touchdown for the Panthers, which was the turning point of the game.

During the postseason, Marcus was outstanding. He caught a 72 yard bomb from E.J. Perry for a touchdown, showcasing his outstanding speed and route running abilities. Now, Simms officially returns to the franchise for the 2024 USFL season. Hopefully, he will be used more often this time around.

DT T.J. Carter

Another important re-signing for the Michigan Panthers: DT T.J. Carter. Carter spent the 2022 season with Michigan, where he posted 24 tackles and 2.5 sacks.

After the USFL’s season, T.J. Carter signed with the New Orleans Saints in preseason. After that stint, he was picked up by the Los Angeles Rams, and remained with the team through the 2022 season. Carter was ultimately released this past training camp, becoming a free agent.

Now, T.J. Carter returns to the Michigan Panthers a whole year later, primed to bolster the defensive line with quality play in 2024.

Final Thoughts

General Manager Steve Kazor has been busy this offseason, signing or re-signing quite a few athletes, including:

WR Devin Ross
TE Gunnar Oakes
OL Joshua Dunlop
OL Keith Williams
OT Phil Saleh
OT Jarrett Horst
OL Chim Okorafor
DT Walter Palmore
DE Vantrel McMillan
LB DaShaun White
LB Frank Ginda
S Sean Mahone
K Cole Murphy
P Kyle Kramer

What are your thoughts on Marcus Simms returning to Michigan? Is T.J. Carter set to dominate this season? Let us know down in the comments below, or join the conversation on Discord!