Michigan Panthers Re-Sign QB E.J. Perry For 2024 Season

Michigan Panthers Re-Sign QB E.J. Perry In UFL Free Agency

He’s back…again. QB E.J. Perry – a fan favorite for the Michigan Panthers in 2023, has once again re-signed to the team, for the second time within the last month.

If this feels like a similar headline, that’s because it is. E.J. Perry had re-signed to the Panthers back in mid-December – but the very next day, was picked up by the Jacksonville Jaguars on their practice squad.

Since E.J. did not sign a futures deal with Jacksonville, he has now decided to return to the Michigan Panthers, this time in the newly formed UFL.

Perry’s USFL tenure was unique, to say the least. He was picked up late in the season, and then was thrown into action during a do or die matchup against Philadelphia. E.J. proved to be the spark the team needed, leading the team to a come from behind victory to push them to the playoffs.

While the Panthers fell just short in overtime against the Pittsburgh Maulers, Perry had an outstanding playoff performance.

He set a modern USFL record with 370 passing yards, and three total touchdowns. His dual-threat capabilities proved to be exactly what Michigan’s offense needed – which is something they were missing for most of the year.

Since then, it’s been an interesting few months for E.J. Perry. He originally signed with the Houston Texans and played during the preseason, but did not make the regular season roster.

As previously mentioned, he re-signed to Michigan, but then spent a few weeks in Jacksonville. Now, he’s back with the Michigan Panthers – and will be fighting in training camp for the starting position.

Final Thoughts

GM Steve Kazor and HC Mike Nolan have made some changes throughout the offseason. The team now features a loaded quarterback room, which includes:

Brian Lewerke
Danny Etling
Davis Cheek

While Perry would be the “early favorite”, per se, to be QB1 in 2024, there is a lot of talent in this room. Danny Etling was a star at LSU, and did spend a couple of years in the NFL with the Green Bay Packers.

Davis Cheek is also talented in his own regard, and would have been a player to watch closely in New Orleans, had the Breakers not dissolved in the merger. Brian Lewerke is also capable of doing damage, as made evident throughout his Michigan State career.

With UFL free agency fully underway, the Panthers now have 72 players on the roster. The deadline to finalize their 75-man roster for Training Camp is February 14th, so expect some more movement over the coming weeks.

What are your thoughts on E.J. Perry returning to Michigan? Which free agents should the Panthers pursue next? Let us know down in the comments below, or join the conversation on Discord!

  1. As you know I don’t like the league as situated. I feel there is more talent to have more than 8 teams. I do think there are some good that really work better for younger players that get substantial playing time in the UFL. EJ Perry is a great example of the borderline NFL player that isn’t afraid to play. In college he showed his guts. He has the arm, mobility and that he is competitive enough for the NFL. In college, however, he threw more INTs than pro-level scouts would be looking for. He does not have great size, but anyone who watched him play for Panthers last year know the size of his heart. Though I don’t like it, with the league consolidation down to 8 teams, the talent level will increase by more than two-fold. Not only will previously employed USFL & XFL teams will be available, but also players that have been let go by the senior league as well as newer college players that did not make it, look at this league as a place to show their wares. If players like EJ Perry continue to learn, gain experience, thrive and correct their weaknesses, these players will not only see a NFL roster again, but will become stars of the UFL. If you don’t think there aren’t fans of EJ Perry in Michigan you are mistaken. Glad he is back. I hope he shows what he can do. The other strength is the head coaching should be better across the league. Skip Holtz, John D, Curtis Johnson have all proven to be good head coaches. Mike Nolan is still a question mark for me. I can’t say he put his stamp as a head coach on any game, but I can say his defense came to play each week and I feel they were better than the sum of their parts. Up the middle they were weak. Waltwr Palmore was their only truly physically strong player there so we should get a better feel of what Nolan brings to the table from a head coach perspective this year. Though more of a Showboats fan, I am looking forward to seeing what Perry, Quinn, Coleman, Simms & company do this year.

  2. Sorry I realized I skipped Wade Phillips, Bob Stoops who are truly quality coaches that will help players improve and Reggie Barlow (with Gregg Williams too) and Anthony Becht have proving they have some chops. It should be interesting to see their growth. I am not saying Jim Hasslett and Mike Riley shouldn’t also have teams but they did choose so good coaches to lead their teams.

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