Memphis Showboats Set to Reveal Uniforms Tomorrow

Memphis Showboats Set to Reveal Uniforms Tomorrow

Last week the USFL released the helemts for the Pittsburgh Maulers and Memphis Showboats. A few days later fans were welcomed with a full uniform reveal for the Maulers.

As expected, the Memphis Showboats uniform reveal wasn’t too far off. Earlier tonight the official social accounts for the Showboats have confirmed that the uniforms will be coming tomorrow.

With Pittsburgh, the jerseys were more or less a color swap from what they wore last year.

Last season the Memphis Showboats played as the Tampa Bay Bandits. With the opportunity to play in a local market, the USFL made the decision to relocate the franchise. Knowing that, we expect a little more out of the Showboats uniforms. At least more than just a color swap.

If last weeks reveal is any indicator, we’d say to keep an eye out early. The USFL released the Maulers uniforms bright and early at 8am ET.

What are you hoping to see out of the Memphis Showboats new gear? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments below or join the conversation on Discord.

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  1. Where & what time is the Showboats Uniform Reveal being held and can fans attend? thank you, Go ‘Boats!

  2. I don’t understand why they (Maulers)want to be recognized as the Fake Steelers instead of their own Famous USFL brand (same with the Showboats they are not the Grizzlies). The Maulers are the Maulers they are not the Steelers, they still don’t get it. You build a memorable legacy by Winning not faking. God forbid the Stars change to Green Black & White because of the Eagles. No! The Stars have built their own legacy they don’t need to identify with the Eagles. I don’t care all the other Pittsburgh teams are Black & Yellow! Win a Championship and everyone will love Purple Orange & Gray!

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